Episode 171: The King of Social Media with Jake Paul

Social Media is a big part of many people’s lives today and it plays a big role in most peoples businesses. I know social media has been a big component in my business and it’s success. Many people work to get their likes up daily and try to build their following with continuous content, with the hopes of making their video go viral.

Jake Paul is a social media King with over 12 million followers between all of his social media outlets.

How did he get to that massive number? He got there 1 like and follow at a time and created continuous content. At the age of 10 years old Jake and his brother Logan were given a camera. They put that camera to work and became obsessed with creating videos that were funny. Their friends would tell them how funny their recent video was and it drove them to create more and more. Back in the early days 200 views was big for them. They were the celebrities of their school back in Cleveland, OH.

After 4 years of videos being put out they built up 4,000 subscribers. One day Logan put a halt to the video creation and deleted a bunch of the videos they created because he thought girls would laugh at him for them. Jake was against it but Logan deleted the videos anyways. Fast forward to Jake’s sophomore year and Logan’s senior year. They got back in the game. Vine was new then and they jumped in, being one of the first adopters. One video took off and the rest became history.

Today at 19 years old Jake is getting quite a bit more then 200 views on his videos. He now has a video that went viral and has 137 million views. 4,000 subscribers jumped to millions of subscribers. Jake moved to Los Angeles to take his videos to the next level and that he has done. Besides being one of the stars of the Disney show Bizaardvark, he also founded his own company Team 10, where he helps other talented teenagers build their social media following and get their talent seen.

Now Jake has a big team and they are set out to make Team 10 the premiere label and celebrity incubator of Los Angeles.

Topics we discuss

  • How Jake got started creating funny videos
  • How Jake and Logan start creating videos to compete against each other
  • How to make a video go viral and why Facebook is the best way for a video to go viral
  • Differences between Facebook and Instagram
  • Jake’s view on Hash tags
  • The downsides of being very popular
  • How to monetize a following
    • Create a niche in the market- it attracts advertisers
    • Merchandise
    • Touring
    • Licensing videos
  • How rappers are the best at promoting clothes and you don’t even realize it
  • What Jake learned from his parents at a young age and how it’s made a positive impact on his life today
  • The importance of mentors
  • Team 10 – The first ever social media label

Top advice for young entrepreneurs

  • Learn and study where you want to go
  • Be innovative and creative
  • Work nonstop
  • Devoting the time you are up to what you are working on
  • You need to love what you do

Quotes from Jake

“Do you think Mark Zuckerberg takes a day off?”

“Work hard, be innovative, and don’t take No for an answer”

Jake’s social media posting schedule

  • Instagram- 40 times per month
  • Twitter – 7-10 times per day
  • Snapchat- 10-15 times per day – @jakepaul19
  • Facebook- 1 time per week

Jake is getting 10,000 direct messages every day and gaining 6,000 followers on Instagram a day. He has a crazy life to say the least. Some of his friends believe that he might consider opening an Instagram Agency in the near future, for which he might have to take the help of Growthoid and similar companies. Many believe that firms like these often help scale newly found Instagram agencies that want to expand their businesses. Anyway, only Jake knows whether or not he is really going to proceed with his plan! But for now, it could be said that he is playing the game nicely!

If you want to get ahold of Jake send him an email at Jake@team10official.com

Check out Team 10’s Tour at www.team10official.com





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