Episode 173: The Billion Dollar Body

Fitness is a huge part of my life.  Every single day I’m making sure to do something that keeps my body up to par whether that is going to yoga class, running 3 miles, playing a sport, or going to the gym and lifting weights. You need to have a strong mind and body in order to stay strong in all other areas of your life.  Daily fitness not only keeps me sane but it also keeps me full of creativity for my businesses and gives me time for myself.

You should be pushing yourself every single day in all areas of your life including fitness. 

If you travel weekly like me it makes it hard to stay consistent with working out but I still manage to do it.  It’s apart of my daily lifestyle.  Sometimes I may do pushups in my hotel room just to get my workout in for the day.  Last week while in San Diego I swam in the pool for my daily activity.  While in San Diego I sat down with Nicholas and Amanda Bayerle who are the founders of the billion-dollar body.  They help men reach their fullest potential with fitness and help them stay on track.  They gave me some tips that even stepped up my game.

In this show you are going to hear their top tips and advice to get your billion-dollar body.

In this show we discuss

  • How Nicholas and Amanda got into fitness
  • How to eat right and keep a healthy diet
  • Tips on how to stay motivated and not eat junk food
  • Fitness techniques you can use to get a billion dollar body
  • How to workout while traveling all the time
  • The 15 day 6-pack abs program
  • Their top tips for young entrepreneurs

Nicholas and Amanda are a powerhouse couple that are changing the fitness industry and how we look at fitness on a regular basis.  They are pushing you to think bigger and work harder so you can get that Billion Dollar Body.

Check out their programs at http://www.thebilliondollarbody.com/

They will get you access for FREE to the 15 day 6-pack challenge that I’m going through now.  I also got their diet program.

If you want to have success in business you need to be successful in fitness.  Nicholas and Amanda can help you with that.  Contact them!

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