Episode 174: Be Consistent With Your Content

Do you want to be seen as the expert in your industry? To be able to obtain influencer status in your field of business you need to be putting out valuable content every single day. It’s as little as doing a snapchat, or posting on Facebook. Make a commitment to do a blog every week at the same time on LinkedIn, or Medium. You need to create content for others that they can consume on a regular basis and be able to learn something from you. You need to build trust with your audience and you do that by giving them all the knowledge you have on your area of expertise.

Each week I air 3 podcast shows, go on 2 podcast shows, write a couple blogs, do posts on Facebook, instagram, multiple tweets, snapchats daily, and frequent Facebook lives. This all adds up over time and allows me to reach more people, which eventually turn into sales for my businesses. Over 1 to 2 years of being consistent you will start to see the snowball effect where you daily have people reaching out to you for advice or buying products from you.

For most entrepreneurs the struggle is pressing play, clicking the publish button, or holding back from doing a post because they are afraid what someone might think. Your content is never going to be perfect. Posting content for the world to see is better then not posting anything at all.

I started my accelerator program yesterday and the big struggle I see from everyone in the group is being able to put out consistent content. Some don’t make the time to create and post content and others are afraid that it won’t be perfect. Putting out valuable content needs to be apart of your daily routine as if it was as important as taking a shower every day. Just make it a part of your schedule and stick to it.

I recently told one of my accelerator members Adrian Aguilar to start posting blogs on LinkedIn. He posted an article called “Why I Quit my Job: The Pursuit of Happiness” and it went viral. Approaching 10,000 views, over 100 shares, almost 1,000 likes, and 200 new followers. All from doing just one blog on a new social media outlet. Many people liked the blog but he did have one hater that said some mean things. You will always have haters on your content, but that’s just proof that you are making progress. If you don’t have haters then you aren’t making a big enough impact.

I urge you to post your first article, do your first Facebook Live, and record that first podcast show. You have to start somewhere.

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