Episode 175: Ryan Stewman is the Hardcore Closer in Sales

Entrepreneurship is a roller coaster ride with many ups and downs during the journey. I personally have experienced the ride, but not quite the way Ryan Stewman has. When he was in high school he went to prison for selling drugs. After getting out he started working at a car wash. One day he was asked to take a job at a mortgage company, which ended up making him a lot of money. He became an expert on how to find the right bad credit mortgage for those that really need it. He thought he had it all. Cars, the house, luxury things, then one day the cops broke down his door and took him back to prison for something he didn’t do.

After serving his time he got into the mortgage industry where he was the top performer at his bank. No doubt, he was using his tools to his advantage like a mortgage calcuator. There are various sites online whereby you can do this calucation, one being https://www.iselect.com.au/home-loans/calculators/ but Ryan was the whole package. He knew his numbers and he knew his clients. He was on track to make a million in one year then out of no where he was stripped his license that allowed him to work at the job. Again he was back to square one jobless and no idea what to do. It was then Ryan decided he wanted to become an entrepreneur.

After 4 more years of hard work he finally found his niche in sales. Ryan can sell. He’s a damn good salesman! They call him the hardcore closer.

Topics we Discuss

  • Ryan’s early years of selling
  • Going to prison twice, once for something he never did
  • His experiences working in the mortgage industry
  • What Ryan has learned from going broke to rich twice
  • Tips on how to become better at selling
  • Why the person who talks the most usually loses
  • How to create a event with a high ticket price and also sell high end packages successfully

Ryan’s Quotes

“The person who talks the least almost always wins in sales”

“Successful people learn how to control their time. Time management is everything”

If you want to learn more about Ryan and what he has to offer go to his website http://www.hardcorecloser.com/

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