Episode 176: Traveling and Meeting Influential People

I’ve been on another traveling spree lately going all over to make videos, attend events, and connect with influential people. This past Friday I flew to Puerto Rico for my first time to film a kickstarter video for John Lee Dumas. In January we are launching the Mastery Journal on Kickstarter and we needed to create an epic video to use for promotion. We got drone footage of the ocean on John’s DJI Mini 2. He said that I should take a look at somewhere like DrDrone if I ever wanted to buy myself a drone. After that, we filmed at some tropical areas, and got some cool scenes inside John’s baller house that has an infinity pool that overlooks the ocean and hillside. It’s a million dollar view.

Sunday I made my way back to the United States and got off a plane in Charlotte so I could get in a rent a car and drive 5 hours to Wise, VA in order for me to get to a 6pm event in honor of Napoleon Hill Day. Wise is home of the University of Virginia which has a beautiful University that everyone should take a trip to see. I got to the event just in time to make the speech. I’m glad I made it because I was recognized as the financial advisor for the THINK team. I had the great honor to also sit next to Napoleon Hill’s grandson J. B. Hill. J. B. told me stories of Napoleon that I’ve never heard before. I learned so much and was fascinated by everyone at the event who has been impacted by napoleon in some way.

The next day we filmed 4 influential people for the docudrama of THINK: The Legacy of Think and Grow Rich. One of the interviews was from Jim Stovall who is a very successful individual who has wrote 30 books in which 6 of them have turned into movies. At the age of 29 Jim went blind and he has spent the past 25 years without sight. He spoke about his disadvantages and how he used them to his advantage to build wealth and also inspire and motivate others. Jim has lived his life off of the principles of Think and Grow Rich and it has given him everything he has today. His interview was one of the most inspiring stories I’ve heard in a long time and it made me appreciate what I have.

At the end of the day we all drove 5 hours to Nashville, TN where we got to go to a couple country bars and hear live music. This morning I’m sitting in the airport waiting to board my plane. Although I’ve been taking regular planes, I have begun using this private jet cost estimator to see how much it would cost to charter a plane. It’s not as much as I thought it would be and I’m considering hiring one in the future. My journey isn’t over this week. I go back to Iowa today but Thursday I fly to Florida and Saturday I’m a keynote speaker at the CEO conference in Tampa, FL. I will be speaking in front of my largest live crowd yet of over 1,000 young entrepreneurs.

As I sit in this airport I think about my past 5 days and what I have learned and how I can speak about it on Saturday in my speech.

Traveling alone not only gives you fun experiences but also gives you different perspectives on life from the people you meet in each location. I constantly meet new people, especially individuals who have created an extraordinary life for themselves full of wealth, happiness, and massive success in their work that inspires millions. I’ve learned that everyone I meet gives me knowledge that I can use in my own life, but also inspire me in ways that drive me to keep working hard towards my big goals. I’ve also seen the same thing from all successful people that I meet on my travels. They all set big goals and work towards them until they are achieved. They figure out their definite purpose in life and focus all their energy on achieving it while helping others in the process.

The stories of these individuals are the stories I will speak about on my podcast show and also on stages across the country. These are the stories that inspire and motivate others to create their own greatness and begin their own story. We all have this one life to live so why not go out and create the most epic story you can while here. That’s what I’m set out to do. I urge everyone to travel, meet new people, attend events, go out on adventures, and explore this world. It’s the best thing someone can do to enhance their creativity and refuel their drive towards success.

Take that trip. Who knows where it might take you.

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