Episode 183: How to Sell High Ticket Items with Johnson Emmanuel


Are you charging enough for the value you bring your clients? If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re not.

Listen to this episode to learn how to package and sell high-ticket items for happier clients and more successful business for yourself.

A few highlights of what you will hear in this interview include:
– Where Johnson is originally from and living right now.
– How Johnson first got started as an entrepreneur with a mobile phone repair company.
– How he learned about online marketing.
– How he got his first client for his web design agency even before learning coding in order to pay for the course he needed to learn the skills! [So smart!]
– Why you need to stop charging $97 for your courses and programs and repackage them as high-ticket items.
– The difference between selling information and selling transformation.
– The two things you need to look for in the right client.
– The steps to take to lead a person from not knowing that you exist to paying for a high-ticket item program.
– How to make money while you sleep.
– What the main thing is that holds people back from charging what they are worth.
– The most important thing to grow your business.


Johnson Emmanuel (@iamjohnsonemma) is the Founder of Clients Attraction, a company who has helped clients and students get featured in ABC, Forbes, CNN, the Los Angeles Times, Fox News, and the International Coach Federation. They help you “optimize your revenue, freedom, and impact.” Johnson is an unrepentant marketer and business growth consultant.

Impactful Quotes from Johnson:

  • “The first thing you need to do is get past the mental block where you don’t believe people can pay you for a high ticket offer or program.”
  • “People will pay you as long as you give them results.”
  • “People don’t pay for anything other than the results they want.”
  • “Move someone from one point to another point…and the person will pay any amount of money.”
  • “I bought a lot of courses and programs for $97. I didn’t use them. But if you buy a program for $10,000, man, you will be committed to your own result.”
  • “Even when the client pays that money [higher ticket item], the client is happier. You are happy. You are getting richer. You are able to work with less clients and give them more results and quicker. The client is also happy because he gets results!”
  • “You are not selling information, you are selling transformation.”
  • “We have abundance of everything…but man, you can’t get more time.”
  • “Any kind of people that you want, you can get on Facebook. That’s one of the tools we use every single hour.”
  • “Most people look for the solution to the problem outside when the solution is actually within them.”
  • “Go for it, you can do it!”
  • “If you want success in this world of entrepreneurship, learn marketing. It is the lifeblood of your business.”
  • “Your time is your most valuable asset.” – Brandon T. Adams

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