Episode 185: Thanksgiving Thankfulness Special


What’s most important in life? Even I talk about my big goals and business dreams, but at the end of the day, if you have no one to share it with, does it all matter?

Listen to this episode to hear more about my past, those closest to me, and a huge move I am taking right now.

A few highlights of what you will hear in this episode include:
– Growing up in Garnavillo, Iowa
– $1,000 worth of fireworks memory
– My mom would stay up and do flashcards for math competitions
– Why I was getting a 1.68 GPA in college
– Cactus Jack Barringer came to speak!
– How Jack became my mentor for Arctic Stick
– How I got involved working in corporate
– Why I lost contact with family and friends
– The one day my life was changed forever
– What happened on July 23, 2013
– One of the most painful experiences
– Why I am driving to Minnesota right now
– The story behind how I met my girlfriend
– The terrible phone call that leaves me shattered
– Why I was so nervous when Samantha opened the door
– Leaving corporate and turning down money for an invention
– How I turned around a bad thing to become known for crowdfunding
– How I’m spending Thanksgiving
– We are moving this weekend! Listen in to hear where to!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I thank my parents.”
  • “It scared me, but I took it.”
  • “I wanted change. It didn’t matter if I had billion dollars in the bank.”
  • “It was a hot day in July…it was July 23rd, 2013…”
  • “My sight got blurry as I was driving down the road and…
  • “Sandy,…tell my dad I love him…”
  • “God, I wish I would have said different things.”
  • “I remember going up to the door. And I was so nervous.”
  • “Your family and loved ones, are the ones that mean the most.”
  • “Keep going. Don’t ever give up.”
  • “It’s being thankful for the little things.”
  • “I’m thankful for you!”

Show Mentions

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