Episode 186: Secret Powers of Podcasting with Brandon T. Adams


On the long road from Iowa to Orlando, I picked up my mic and hit record. Why are podcasts so damn important for entrepreneurs?

Listen to find out what other podcasters aren’t telling you!

A few highlights of what you will hear:
– Why I think everyone should do podcasting.
– Moving to Florida now! Literally.
– Info about filming for Ambitious Adventures T.V. show.
– Are you in the Orlando area?
– What I am using to record this podcast from the car.
– Stories from when I first started in podcasting and wanted to be different.
– Highlighting a star student from my accelerator: Laura Petersen.
– What Laura’s companies Podtent Marketing and Podcast Teachers do to help entrepreneurs with podcasts and how we are collaborating on a podcast accelerator!
– Info on Laura’s book which JUST released yesterday and hit Amazon Best Seller within hours!
– Why I podcast and you should too.
– How the podcast helps me save so much time.
– Who I studied before jumping into podcasting in February of 2015.
– How podcasting builds credibility.
– How I met John Lee Dumas and put business deals together with him.
– Tons of ways a podcast can help you grow your business (beyond sponsorships).

Impactful Quotes:

  • “You can’t make the excuse, ‘Oh, I can’t get into podcasting because I don’t have the money.’ because literally this set-up is less than $100.”
  • “You spent all this time and traveled all this way just to get 45 minutes of my time?”
  • “I told her she needs to write a book. And do it in 30 days.”
  • “Copy is important.”
  • “But I started!”
  • “I wanted to become more well-known.”
  • “Hey, I’ll get my own show! I don’t even have to pay for it. I’ll create it and I’ll get my own marketing. It was a way to bootstrap.”
  • “When you have somebody on your show, it’s a great way to do them a favor. And you can pick their brain and ask them questions!”
  • “Then you are associated with those people on your show.”
  • “I’ve been on over 100 shows.”
  • “The value on it. I can’t even put a price on it for what it’s done for me and my business.”

Show Mentions

Take Action!

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  2. Join the Podcasting Accelerator – take your business to the next level!
  3. Snapchat: @btadams18 – snap me!
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