Episode 187: How to Sell on Amazon and Build Your Team with Nathan Hirsch


From selling millions of dollars on Amazon from his college dorm before age 21, to helping other entrepreneurs hire teams that let them grow and scale, today’s guest is Nathan Hirsh.

He shares how to sell on Amazon and hire the right people for your business to thrive.

A few highlights from this interview include:
Accelerate your business in 30 days!
– What is “The Drunken Monkey” and why are we planning to go there?
– How Nathan got started selling textbooks out of his dorm for over $1 million.
– How to sell on Amazon. The system and scaling behind it.
– What dropshipping is.
– How to avoid ‘black hat’ methods.
– How you can use a jungle scout alternative to save yourself money on resources.
– How to hire the right people and add only the best to your team.
– Can you have both a job and a business?


Nathan Hirsch is the Founder of FreeeUp. His first business is an Amazon store does over $5 million in sales revenue a year. Nathan certainly has a unique journey. His entrepreneurial lifestyle began early. He sold textbooks out of his dorm room at 19 during college. Soon thereafter he discovered Amazon.

Nathan would search the big store sale sheets and when a desirable item went on sale, he would list it on Amazon. Many adopt a similar pattern by using the best amazon ungating service to get a head start. When the items sold, he would dropship from one location to the next. Nathan built a multi-million dollar business out of his college dorm and had hired his first employee before he was 21!

He then began buying from manufacturers, opened an office, and hired employees. For more efficiency, he hired assistants for his employees to do the data entry to free up their time.

But growth and dropshipping make quality control more difficult, so Nathan changed his business model to hiring remote freelancers. This led to the formation of FreeeUp, a company dedicated to making hiring easier.

Nathan is passionate about sharing his extensive knowledge in creating business systems and processes, personnel management, hiring remote workers, the Amazon Marketplace, and advanced sales tactics so he is here today to share some tips for selling products on Amazon.

Impactful Quotes from Nathan:

  • “There’s a big difference between wanting to do it, and actually doing it.”
  • “I got into Amazon very early on and had the idea of dropshipping before I even knew what it was.”
  • “It’s easier to get into ecommerce and dropshipping than most people think. You can buy turnkey dropship sites already built, so you just need to promote the products”
  • “Before I knew it, I was running a multi-million dollar business out of my college dorm room.”
  • “I hired my first employees before I could legally drink.”
  • “Once I figured out that I could dropship products, I ditched the book thing.”
  • “Get on podcasts and blogs and talk about whatever products you’re selling. Build your brand.”
  • “Those initial customers are everything.”
  • “If you can’t communicate, I don’t care how talented you are, it’s never going to work out.”
  • “Communication is the most important thing.”
  • “If you find someone who communicates well, all the other things kinda fall into place.”
  • “Culture is important.”
  • “Taking calculated risks, making decisions while taking the emotions out of it, and prioritizing tasks of what should be done first is really how I’ve found success.”
  • “The biggest mistake [I could make] is hiring people exactly like me.”
  • “You can only do it yourself for so long.”

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