Episode 190: How Running a Spartan Race is Like Business


Just finished a Spartan Race! There were times I wanted to quit. But somehow I kept going.

And then it hit me. There are so many parallels with business and success as an entrepreneur. So, I wanted share the 3 ways that a Spartan Race is like business with you!

A few highlights of what you will hear:
– The music I listen to in order to stay pumped up and motivated when I’m running.
– How we are like a computer and how to use that to our advantage.
– 3 Main Things How the Spartan Race and Running a Business Are Alike.
– What the 9-mile race, filled with 25 obstacles, was like!
– How you could die if you fell. :/
– “November 6533897” – why will I never forget this?
– Preparation: Prepare yourself for the next race, for the next business opportunity.
– Hear why I slept in my truck for many nights and woke up when it was freezing cold.
– What does “impact” mean in my goal to impact 1 billion lives?
– Mindset: It is the most important thing of all.
– My morning routine that helps me be ready to better myself and hit my huge goals.
– Snap or email me: What are your goals for 2017?
– Are you looking for a way to completely change your mindset?
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Impactful Quotes:

  • “I literally ran until I dropped.”
  • “For a week it hurt.”
  • “It’s all mental. It’s all in your head.”
  • “If you tell yourself you can do it, you can. We are like computers.”
  • “It made me feel like I was about to go into battle.”
  • “9 miles with 25 obstacles. Very intimidating.”
  • “On some of these walls, if you fell, you could die.”
  • “You should always be training!”
  • “It’s all about the team.”
  • “Don’t leave a Spartan behind.”
  • “That reminded me of my younger 20-year old self who thought he could conquer the world and do everything on his own, which was wrong.”
  • “Nobody becomes strong without a team.”
  • “It’s all about mindset.”
  • “The person who wins is the person who has the strongest mindset.”
  • “Why not think bigger?!”
  • “‘I will do this.’ That’s your mindset for business.”
  • “As human beings, we are meant to grow. We have to grow.”
  • “The best way to start off your new year: Accelerator Program.”
  • “Happy Birthday, Caleb Maddix! The big 1-5!”

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