Episode 191: Shady Congress and Making Money Podcasting with Jen Briney


Sneaky backdoor tactics from Congress. How to earn money podcasting. What I learned from Donald Trump about Facebook ads and crowdfunding from his successful election run.

This is a potentially controversial and assuredly fascinating interview with Jen Briney!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– What Jen did before getting into politics and podcasting.
– How Jen ended up in Germany and the stark differences she found there versus the United States.
– The incident on C-SPAN that was the catalyst for her.
– The last minute tactic that allows scandalous bills to become laws.
– How companies – unbelievably – got immunity to transfer our information to the government.
– What I learned from Donald Trump’s run for President that I can apply to my own crowdfunding campaigns.
– How Jen earns money to support her podcast and business.
– What is the value for value model?
– How Jen interacts with her audience on the air.
– A key takeaway from Jen as a business owner.


Jen Briney (@JenBriney) lives in Walnut Creek, CA but was raised and went to school in Southern California. She has a degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University.

Her podcast Congressional Dish is her full-time job. She has no affiliation with anyone with power in Washington D.C., any political party, or any political organization.

She was a registered Republican in 2000 (before she knew anything about politics), a registered Independent in 2004 (before she knew that was a political party), and she’s now registered as “unenrolled.”

In December of 2010, she saw Tom Cole (R-OK) on C-SPAN successfully attach an amendment protecting secret campaign contributions into a government funding bill; that’s when she started reading the Congressional Record. After reading the bills, she realized that there is a lot of important news inside of them that is going uncovered. A year later, after teaching herself how to create a website and a podcast, Congressional Dish was born.

Impactful Quotes from Jen:

  • “I started looking into the congressional record regularly and found that it happens all the time.” Listen to find out what.
  • “No one’s talking about this. I can at least talk about this, even if I don’t understand what’s going on in Congress.”
  • “For the first two years, I read every bill that passed the House of Representatives.”
  • “These government funding laws become vehicles to have TERRIBLE things become laws.”
  • “And that information can be used against us in court.”
  • “Political organizations are pretending to be social welfare organizations so they don’t have to disclose their donors.”
  • “The intimidation of the IRS continues.”
  • “With Trump and Hillary combined, you’re looking at three-quarters of a billion dollars…. A big chunk of that is this dark money.”
  • “She was just being stupid and arrogant.”
  • “I got to talk to Jack Abramoff; he was my 100th episode.”
  • “They have to pass way more bills than they can possibly digest. So they look to lobbyists for information.”
  • “This is a perversion of our system.”
  • “We know in our gut that the whole thing is corrupt. I don’t think we know the details yet.”
  • “2.5 billion dollars spent in advertising to influence our votes in this election….The media made about 2 billion dollars in ads.”
  • “I’m providing a product and giving it away up front. And I’m saying, ‘You get to try it out first.’ Then you can contribute whatever you think is fair.”
  • “You are adding the value first…so they love it…and then you are asking for the sale.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Then I’ll be the first.” – Jen’s response to nay-sayers who said no one can make money from podcasting.
  • “If you have a good idea, run with it.”
  • “I back up everything I say.”

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