Episode 191: Shady Congress and Making Money Podcasting with Jen Briney


Sneaky backdoor tactics from Congress. How to earn money podcasting. What I learned from Donald Trump about Facebook ads and crowdfunding from his successful election run.

This is a potentially controversial and assuredly fascinating interview with Jen Briney who talks about the ongoing relationships between businesses and the government!

There are no doubts about it, for a business, forming a relationship with the government can be a mutually beneficial experience. That being said, it is also no secret that contract-based issues can often arise. Accordingly, this is where reaching out to a government law expert becomes necessary.

In case you were not already aware, a bid protest is a challenge to the terms of a solicitation or the award of a federal contract. Moreover, it is not uncommon for businesses to be forced into the middle of a bid protest with either an incumbent who has lost their contract or a contender that has been outbid. Correspondingly, if you would like to learn more about government contract bid protests, you can find plenty of useful resources online.

Along with her thoughts on the future of government contracts, Jen goes on to discuss a wide range of topics from the worlds of politics and business.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– What Jen did before getting into politics and podcasting.
– How Jen ended up in Germany and the stark differences she found there versus the United States.
– The incident on C-SPAN that was the catalyst for her.
– The last minute tactic that allows scandalous bills to become laws.
– How companies – unbelievably – got immunity to transfer our information to the government.
– What I learned from Donald Trump’s run for President that I can apply to my own crowdfunding campaigns.
– How Jen earns money to support her podcast and business.
– What is the value for value model?
– How Jen interacts with her audience on the air.
– A key takeaway from Jen as a business owner.


Jen Briney (@JenBriney) lives in Walnut Creek, CA but was raised and went to school in Southern California. She has a degree in Communications from Loyola Marymount University.

Her podcast Congressional Dish is her full-time job. She has no affiliation with anyone with power in Washington D.C., any political party, or any political organization.

She was a registered Republican in 2000 (before she knew anything about politics), a registered Independent in 2004 (before she knew that was a political party), and she’s now registered as “unenrolled.”

In December of 2010, she saw Tom Cole (R-OK) on C-SPAN successfully attach an amendment protecting secret campaign contributions into a government funding bill; that’s when she started reading the Congressional Record. After reading the bills, she realized that there is a lot of important news inside of them that is going uncovered. A year later, after teaching herself how to create a website and a podcast, Congressional Dish was born.

Impactful Quotes from Jen:

  • “I started looking into the congressional record regularly and found that it happens all the time.” Listen to find out what.
  • “No one’s talking about this. I can at least talk about this, even if I don’t understand what’s going on in Congress.”
  • “For the first two years, I read every bill that passed the House of Representatives.”
  • “These government funding laws become vehicles to have TERRIBLE things become laws.”
  • “And that information can be used against us in court.”
  • “Political organizations are pretending to be social welfare organizations so they don’t have to disclose their donors.”
  • “The intimidation of the IRS continues.”
  • “With Trump and Hillary combined, you’re looking at three-quarters of a billion dollars…. A big chunk of that is this dark money.”
  • “She was just being stupid and arrogant.”
  • “I got to talk to Jack Abramoff; he was my 100th episode.”
  • “They have to pass way more bills than they can possibly digest. So they look to lobbyists for information.”
  • “This is a perversion of our system.”
  • “We know in our gut that the whole thing is corrupt. I don’t think we know the details yet.”
  • “2.5 billion dollars spent in advertising to influence our votes in this election….The media made about 2 billion dollars in ads.”
  • “I’m providing a product and giving it away up front. And I’m saying, ‘You get to try it out first.’ Then you can contribute whatever you think is fair.”
  • “You are adding the value first…so they love it…and then you are asking for the sale.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Then I’ll be the first.” – Jen’s response to nay-sayers who said no one can make money from podcasting.
  • “If you have a good idea, run with it.”
  • “I back up everything I say.”

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