Episode 192: Behind the Scenes of Facebook Live with Brandon T. Adams


Today was a long day of shooting footage in-studio with Greg Rollett for our T.V. Show Ambitious Adventures. Man, video is so important now and going into 2017!

So I decided to jump onto a Facebook Live and share my best advice for how to make 2017 your best year yet.

Wanted to give my podcast listeners a sneak peek to go behind-the-scenes and learn how to do effective #FBlive videos too.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– See who pops in to say hello LIVE! [Hint: Caleb Maddix is one!]
– Exactly what I am going to focus on in 2017.
– What you should look for if you search “Arctic Stick” to see my early (and bad days) of video creation.
– How to put out content that is effective that builds your audience, brand, and business.
– Hear about my FIRST podcast episode editing and the surprising thing that happened.
– 15 year-old who was named Top 20 Most Motivational People on Earth
– What John Lee Dumas and I were able to put together.
– What do Lewis Howes, Greg Rollett, Arianna Huffington, and Meatloaf have in common?
– Why you have to build your audience.
– How I got on the film that will be bigger than The Secret.
– What Jake Paul and his brother did starting in Ohio to lead to where they are now: top 5 most viewed Vine videos of all time. 12.5 million followers at 19 years old.
– What is the definition of ‘celebrity’?
– How one person made $150,000 in 30 days in my accelerator program.
– How to do what you love and make money doing it too.
– What a mastermind group is and why you should be in one.
– How Laura Petersen wrote a 300+ page book in less than 30 days and hit Amazon Best-Seller with Dan Tieman helping too. Add value examples.
– Live to grind.
– John Lee Dumas, Bob Proctor, Barbara Cochran, Caleb Maddix, Lewis Howes — they put in the work and became celebrities in their fields.
– Gary Vee’s advice. Act as if every day is your last.
– How to make 2017 your best year yet. My advice revealed.
– Grant Cardone, Tai Lopez, and more. I’ve been on over 100 podcast shows and I reveal how I stood out from the crowd.
– How Laura Petersen gave so much value and now is a part of the team and working on the Podcast Accelerator with me! www.livetogrind.com/podcasting
– How you can work with me and my team.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “They pressed play. They created something. They put it out there.”
  • “We fear what people are going to think of us.”
  • “You just need to keep going.”
  • “We’re going to be putting out content non-stop that are video.”
  • “I just started. I just pressed play.”
  • “If people don’t like me, that’s alright. I’ll take their feedback and get better.”
  • “It wasn’t perfect at first…but some of the best business deals I have done have come from the podcast.”
  • “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. That’s why I create masterminds.”
  • “We want you to be featured in our show.”
  • “10 years of work. Most people don’t see that!”
  • “Keep going. Just don’t stop. Create continuous content.”
  • “A sale doesn’t happen overnight.”
  • “If you know you have great content, it is your duty to get your product to them.”
  • “When you put money down, you’re invested. You’re committed.”
  • “Are you in a mastermind right now?”
  • “You need to be adding value to people.”
  • “Be willing to do the stuff that your competition isn’t willing to do.”
  • “I talk big, but I follow through.”
  • “Go into it with ‘How can I help you?’”
  • “Whatever you think it takes, times it by 10.”
  • “I love Facebook Live right now. It’s the best return on your investment. And podcasting.”

Take Action!

  1. Ready to level-up? Grab 1 of only 15 spots in my Mastermind Accelerator program – starts January 2017. Put in the code “CEO” for $200 off, while spots remain!
  2. Ready to get into the podcasting game? It’s so worth it. Learn more here about my Podcast Accelerator to take you from idea to iTunes in 30 days!
  3. Red carpet event for Ambitious Adventures T.V. Show premiere.
  4. Snap me! @btadams18 – Tell me your goals and I will snap you back.
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