Episode 193: Podcasting Super-Pro Tell-All With Laura Petersen


Podcasting super-pro shares insights on entrepreneurship (including funny failures), psychology, writing a book in 1 month, how to hit Amazon Best-Seller, and creating a great podcast that grows your business.

This interview with Laura Petersen is packed with actionable advice that can be implemented right away!

A few highlights from this interview include:

– What Laura did before getting into podcasting and writing a book.
– The turning point of how she became an entrepreneur [she used to be a big nerd in school!].
– The biggest takeaways from Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki.
– The first entrepreneurial company she ventured into [spoiler alert: it involves balloon monkeys].
– The entrepreneur failures she had early on.
– How she tried to teach people to win in Vegas.
– How psychology helps her in business.
– The first entrepreneurial endeavor that worked.
– How she got into podcasting.
– How she heard about me and my accelerator.
– Why she wrote a book.
– 2 tips to become a best-selling author and put out a killer podcast.
– Factors in getting onto iTunes New & Noteworthy.


Laura Petersen (@LaptopLaura) has taken lessons learned from a successful tutoring and test prep company to grow her businesses in a new passion: podcasting.

With Podtent Marketing, she helps mid-sized businesses with a high-touch, done-for-you service to launch a podcast and power a content marketing strategy.

Through a partnership with me, she takes entrepreneurs ready to grow their authority, brand, and business with the power of a podcast through a 30-day “idea to iTunes” mastermind accelerator.

Her own podcast is called Copy That Pops and her best-selling book Copywriting for Podcasters: How to Grow Your Podcast, Brand, and Business with Compelling Copy is available on Amazon.

In addition to teaching, learning, and all things podcasting, Laura loves international travel (40 countries and counting!) with her husband and their dog Tuck, lots of garlic, and re-runs of the I.T. Crowd.

Impactful Quotes from Laura:

  • “My birth parents didn’t go to college. They felt that if their kids go to college and do well in school, that’s going to be the recipe for success.”
  • “I want to see the world; I can live anywhere.”
  • “Their money makes more money. Their money works for them.”
  • “I made balloon animals for kids at a restaurant.”
  • “It’s just like hiring employees, sometimes it takes a few broken eggs before you find one [a business partner] that really works out.”
  • “It’s not illegal but it’s also not allowed.”
  • “Literally the second school was out, I was on the next plane out of the country.”
  • “We are programmed to fear what we don’t know.”
  • “You have to understand where your customer is coming from or you are never going to provide them with what they really need.”
  • “I would die at a regular 9-5.”
  • “We offer online courses and tutoring, so we can help people around the country and around the world.”
  • “We really tried to create an environment, a culture, where it’s very open and supportive.”
  • “Treat your employees like you would your customers.”
  • “We like it as a small, more boutique, high-end, high-touch service.”
  • “I needed to be more public. I needed to have more authority, visibility, credibility and that all comes with putting yourself out there.”
  • “What you do is above and beyond what anybody else would do.” – Brandon
  • “It’s not as hard as people would think. But I want you to think it was really hard, so you’ll be impressed [laughs].”
  • “You need to promote in advance.”
  • “If you are ready to take your business to the next level then I would 100% recommend a podcast.”
  • “In terms of making a good podcast, you need to do one of two things. You need to entertain or you need to educate.”

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  2. Purchase Copywriting for Podcasters by Laura Petersen
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