Episode 195: Getting Schooled on the Art of the Interview with Michael O’Neal


Wanna hear me get schooled by a badass broadcaster? Listen to this episode.

Michael O’Neal of Proudly Unemployable, The Solopreneur Hour holds nothing back as he shares insights (and lessons I needed to hear) on entrepreneurship, the art of interviewing, and common mistakes that 95% of podcasters make when interviewing.

Important Note:
The advice you hear is important whether you have a podcast or not.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– What Michael learned from work experiences as a kid.
– How Michael got into podcasting [surprise: it wasn’t planned!].
– How to craft an entertaining story.
– The art of the interview and how to become a better interviewer! See how to perfect the way you ask questions. This is valuable for anyone, even if you don’t have a podcast.
– What makes a good broadcaster?
– How to craft interview questions tailored to your audience.
– Our conversation takes some turns I did not expect.
– How Michael started monetizing his business and podcast.
– Common mistakes of podcast hosts – even I am guilty! And Michael calls me out.
– What’s Michael’s best advice for young entrepreneurs just out of college? It may surprise you.


Michael O’Neal (@solohour) was a web designer for 15 years. After a few brief stints working for other people, he found himself to be truly unemployable around 2005 and has been on the entrepreneurial track ever since.

He’s now built one of the most popular business podcasts in the entrepreneurship world called the Solopreneur Hour which has over 8 million downloads and monetized multiple 6-figures.

He has a new course called The Art of the Interview that teaches people how to give better podcast interviews and grow their business much faster with the art of podcasting.

A few fun facts about Michael:

  • He’s interviewed Charles Barkley, Adam Carolla, James Altucher, Guy Fieri, Bret Michaels, Hines Ward, Jack Canfield, John Lee Dumas, and many other cool folks
  • He was a sponsored BMX / Freestyle rider as a kid
  • He’s a total watch nerd (with a collection that grows by the month)

Impactful Quotes from Michael:

  • “I grew up a drummer…. I spent 10 years as a touring drummer.”
  • “We should think about growing your brand.”
  • “I taught how to use social media as a solopreneur to sell your business without people knowing they were being sold to.”
  • “What if I started a podcast and talked around everything that people knew about these people?”
  • “I backed the right horse.”
  • “I trojan horse the actionable content… it’s wrapped in this little entertaining candy shell.”
  • “Don’t prioritize your schedule, schedule your priorities.”
  • “Successful entrepreneurs put time aside for input like reading or listening; they take time to support their body.”
  • “Once they achieve some level of success, they’re typically very happy to give back and to share their knowledge.”
  • “Why are they sharing my show with their audience but they’re not sharing other people’s shows with their audience?”
  • “It’s about being able to connect disparate dots when someone brings up a topic.”
  • “What I realized is as podcasters, we’ve been backing the wrong horse. We’ve been following people that have good marketing and lots of downloads but that never meant they were a good podcaster.”
  • “You wouldn’t bring someone into your home for a holiday party and say, alright, the booze is in the cabinet, go introduce yourself around to everybody.”
  • “You are the rosetta stone between your audience and that guest.”
  • “Entrepreneurship is a trendy thing happening in 2016.”
  • “You can’t start something without something of substance on the backend.”
  • “I do think that there’s merit in getting actual jobs for a while, for the first couple of years out of school.”
  • “You have to put the dots together. First, you got the idea then you need the training for the idea, you gotta go train.”
  • “10 to 15 years of slogging then all of a sudden your are a ’10-year overnight success.’”
  • “Podcasters are terrible at introducing guests.”
  • “People are following the wrong people.”
  • “The two most important words of an intro are a person’s name and those go at the very end of the intro.”

Mentions in the Episode

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