Episode 196: How to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet


Such a sad number of people give up on their 2017 goals by the 15th of January. JANUARY! Just two weeks in and people fail.

No bueno.

Let’s look at ways you can make sure you stick to your goals and CRUSH them! I’m on your side.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Article by Tony Robbins says some SHOCKING facts about New Year’s Resolutions.
– Why I did 6 hours of live video on my birthday! (12/31)
– FacebookLive with Caleb Maddix happened just before I recorded this (on 1/1/17)
– Webinar tomorrow! 1/4/17 on how to get high-ticket clients without picking up the phone, without Facebook ads.
– Matt Crane with the Huffington Post just did an article on 8 Millennial Entrepreneurs to Know in 2017! I was #2 on the list!
– How I fell short last year. And what I’m changing!
– Gym, meditation, warrior chant, building our team, and more. Oh my!
– Why did Richard Branson turn down 2.5 million dollars to go speak for less than an hour?
– Why you need to say “no” more.
– How to measure, track, and evaluate so you can be successful.
– Where we are filming Ambitious Adventures next…sneak peek!
– I’m speaking in San Diego on January 14th at Epic Mastermind Experience. Use code BRANDON at checkout for a discount.
– Why am I going to Tucson after that?
– Red carpet event coming up!
– How can you get my help to change your mindset and get the exposure you need? Listen to find out.
– Shout out to Sabah Ali and Dan Tieman! They are launching their podcast show Dorm Rooms to Conference Rooms launching tomorrow! Check it out on iTunes or at www.livetogrind.com/college
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Impactful Quotes:

  • “I put in more work.”
  • “What I learned from the event is the power of connections.”
  • “When you get opportunities, you have to take them!”
  • “Don’t just get to January 15th and give up on them!”
  • “It’s proven that after 21 days of doing something, it becomes a habit.”
  • “When you set a big goal, you learn to only take opportunities that align to that goal.”
  • “The difference between millionaires and billionaires is that billionaires say ‘no’ more often.”
  • “Learn to say ‘no’ to things that aren’t going to get you closer to your goal.”
  • “That program is a game-changer.”

Take Action!

  1. Read Think & Grow Rich
  2. January 14th at Epic Mastermind Experience. Use code BRANDON at checkout for a discount.
  3. Ambitious.com/Orlando for red carpet premiere and 1-day workshop.
  4. Influencer Mastermind Accelerator program – starts this Monday! January 9, 2017. Put in the code “BIRTHDAY” for discount, while spots remain!
  5. Questions? Snap me! @btadams18 or email me at brandon@brandontadams.com
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