Episode 197: From Juvenile Hall to Millionaire by 25 with Stephen Dela Cruz


Can you become a great entrepreneur, even if you have a rocky past?

Listen to this raw and honest interview with Stephen Dela Cruz for inspiration, motivation, and more.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Stephen generated over $100,000 in less than 6 weeks in my Influencer Accelerator!
– How Stephen got started [creatively and profitably!] with entrepreneurship at 8 years old.
– Why juvenile hall is worse than regular prison.
– How Bible College kickstarted his entrepreneurial endeavors.
– What’s his new book about? [Hint: It has the best title ever! haha]
– How he stumbled into the photography business and scaled it to get huge clients like the San Diego Zoo.
– Failed and successes.
– What Stephen did with homes he couldn’t flip. So savvy!
– How acting lead to creating a talent agency in L.A.
– What he looks for in people when investing in a new company or project.
– Hear about Stephen’s BIG future plans!


Stephen Dela Cruz is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, and coach. Entrepreneurship has always been his passion and he grew up selling chocolates and beanie babies at the age of 8. He would purchase the beanie babies for $6 and sell them for $20 at family parties and school!

After getting out of juvie at 16, he connected with amazing mentors and leaders and learned from top producing business professionals. At 18 years old, Stephen and his soon to be wife, Angela, started a photography business. They shot 48 weddings in their first year. At 19 years old, they were making 6 figures and decided to start their second company.

Today, Stephen owns multiple corporations with over 87 full time employees and over 66 part time employees. After he suffered a stroke in 2015, Stephen knew life was not just about making money but leaving a legacy. He now is working on leaving a legacy!

You can find his wisdom and legacy-building through his upcoming books “Entrepreneurshit” and “The Lazy Millionaire,” his weekly podcast show “Success Talks,” and his courses, coaching, and mentorship program under Stegela Success Mastery.

Stephen’s mission is to help as many people as possible to live fulfilled, successful, and flourishing lives!

Impactful Quotes from Stephen:

  • “Your business will only grow as big as you are.”
  • “At 19 years old, I filed $213,000 in taxes.”
  • “When I was 25 years old though, I was $4 short from $1,000,000…$1,000,000 in the bank.”
  • “TEAM = Master of time management, do everything in pure excellence, having a team around you keeping you accountable, and managing money.”
  • “I remember calling my mentor at the reception and telling him, ‘Hey, guess where I’m at? I’m at the house of the guy that owns Hoover Vacuums.’ He said, ‘That’s not impressive, be the guy who owns Hoover Vacuums.’”
  • “Everything you make, put half of it aside into savings.”
  • “I’m not a business developer, I’m an agent…what if I was your business developer and you were the agent?”
  • “Investors tend to look at the product or business itself, I look at the people. I look at who is this person as a person.”
  • “Your wife is not your assistant.”
  • “The more you understand personality types, the more you understand how people work.”
  • “If today I died, all I have to leave behind is money.”
  • “I’m still going to hustle and grind for money, I’m still going to hustle and grind for more investments and more businesses but now I’m putting my attention on how to leave an impact with the next generation.”

Mentions in the Episode

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