Episode 199: From $7 to Super Star by Age of 15 with Caleb Maddix


This episode is unique! Why?
1. I recorded the interview live on Facebook on New Year’s Day with Caleb Maddix.

2. Then we recorded the intro together in person on January 10th while on set filming for my TV show Ambitious Adventures.

Check out behind the scenes photos below.

Listen to “from $7 to super star” by the age of 15. Caleb has the wisdom of a 30-year old and I am so excited to bring you this episode today!

Greg Rollett, Kevin Harrington, Brandon T. Adams, and Caleb Maddix on the set of the TV show Ambitious Adventures

A few highlights from this interview include:
– My intro for Caleb today was recorded LIVE on set from my TV show Ambitious Adventures
– How Caleb has become an influencer by 15 years old!
– Hear how Caleb celebrated the New Year
– How to stand out in the crowd even at a young age
– The sports dream Caleb had as a kid but gave up to pursue business
– Fastest way to reach and impact millions is…
– 2 to 3 million reach for people without spending any more of ads.
– Why money IS important for making a real impact.
– Money mindset, even at age 15, how can Caleb be confident to charge $10,000 or more?
– Why paying for things leads to more results from both ends of the deal.
– Find out why Richard Branson turned down $2.5 million dollars to speak for 45 minutes.
– Who Caleb wants to give 20,000 pairs of shoes to and why.
– Predictions for the future of social media, virtual reality, and more.
– Exactly how to tackle posting on all platforms in social media each day.
– When’s the best time to post on social?
– Why Caleb [surprisingly] used to cry. But doesn’t anymore! 😉
– Lessons from Jake Paul and his crazy success.
– Does Caleb have a girlfriend?
– What questions bugs us when they ask us, just because we are young.
– Find out who Caleb’s mentors are.
– Caleb’s big advice on sales and when it’s actually unethical not to sell.


Caleb Maddix (@CalebMaddix) is a 15 year old CEO, published author, and speaker. He was voted one of the Top 20 Motivational Influencers in The World, has been interviewed on national television, and has been featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, Inc, and more.

He and his father Matt Maddix travel the world speaking, teaching, and motivating entrepreneurs of all ages. He’s had multiple videos go viral with millions of views and earned over $100,000 before the age of 14.

 Caleb today LIVE on set from my TV show Ambitious Adventures with me and kevin harrington and greg rollett

Impactful Quotes from Caleb:

  • “You’ve been such a big part of [my journey]. Thank you, man!”
  • “Most of this year has been amazing to see all the work that we put in for years and years come together and finally work itself out.”
  • “6 months later I got a message from his mom that said ‘I don’t know what you did, but …he’s been different ever since this day.’ If I can talk to one person and change their life that way, I need to reach millions.”
  • “If you’re not impacting millions of people, you’re making excuses.”
  • “The number one way to impact people is through money.”
  • “People who say money isn’t everything, definitely haven’t seen the impact you can make with money.”
  • “Money may not be everything, but it’s everywhere. And it’s the way that we can make a difference.”
  • “If you pay, you pay attention.”
  • “You’re almost doing a disservice to people by only giving stuff away for free.”
  • “The thing that separates millionaires from billionaires, is billionaires say ‘no’ to more things.”  
  • “If you have a goal you can ask, ‘Does this align with my goal?’”
  • “When Instagram stories came along people said to themselves, ‘Why should I download Snapchat …when they have stories now.”
  • “If you’re not good on video,
  • “A picture rarely goes super viral.”
  • “On a daily basis, come up with your message of the day and put that out on everything.”
  • “Ya, I used to cry… but today, it’s nothing. I hop on TV in front of 8 million people? I’m chill. I’m speaking with Tony Robbins — oh, man in like 6 weeks! Man, it’s coming up!”
  • “I’m telling you guys. This guy [me] is like the greatest human!”
  • “You can’t tell me I’m working to hard when literally last month I was in London, Australia, San Diego, New York City, Washington DC… it’s the most amazing life and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”
  • “I have a really good dad who keeps me grounded.”
  • “I think one of the dumbest terms is ‘solopreneur’… you can’t name a billionaire who is a solopreneur.”
  • “I’ve definitely had more people hang up on me than I’ve sold.”
  • “If you just have a conversation rather than a presentation, everything will change for you.”
  • “You’re doing a disservice to them and yourself if you sell something to someone what they don’t need.”
  • “Physical, financial, relational, and spiritual… success is all four of those things together.”

Mentions in the Episode

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