Episode 204: How to Get Major Publicity with Brandon T. Adams


How to get more sales, become a best-seller, get on T.V. shows, and more!
[In about 15 minutes!]

What to write, what to say, and how to pitch. This is a quick, but value-packed episode!

A few highlights from this episode include:
– How to get publicity and hype for anything you are working on!
Put A Shark In Your Tank book is live now! Only $0.99 the rest of the week.
– Red carpet event for our Los Angeles episode for Ambitious Adventures!
– One-day workshop on how to start a T.V. show yourself: www.Ambitious.com/orlando
– The keys to getting publicity, specifically on T.V.
– I read an email that I sent showing you exactly how to write a great pitch to get on the news.
– The rookie mistake I made and how I fixed it.
– How to get ahold of the right T.V. producers to get on the morning shows you want.
– A hack to get an email if it’s not listed.
– Hear who I got through to!
– If you follow what I say, you’re going to get the publicity you want.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I’ve been a little rusty pitching the T.V. networks, but over the weekend I pitched to all the Orlando stations.”
  • “I reached out to a lot of people in the T.V. stations! …They probably all know me now.”
  • “You have to give them a story THEY want.”
  • “I made the rookie mistake…” [Hear how I should have worded things]
  • “Tell them exactly what their audience is going to learn.”
  • “Do their job for them. Make it easy so you can get the publicity you want.”
  • “Try one of these four combinations, and one of them is going to work.”
  • “I’ll do trial and error until one goes through.”
  • “After you email them, you also want to tweet out to them. Go on Facebook, like their page…show how you’re connected.”
  • “You have to do things that don’t scale, to scale.”
  • “We’ve launched over $115,000 in the last 7 days so far.”

Mentions from Episode:

Take Action!

  1. Influencer Mastermind Accelerator program – next one starts February 13, 2017
  2. TV Premiere + Workshop info
  3. Questions? Snap me! @btadams18 or email me at brandon@brandontadams.com
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