Episode 205: The Psychology of Connecting with Mega Influencers with Jon Levy


World traveler and behavioral scientist brings huge influencers together for dinner… but here’s the catch… they aren’t allowed to say their last name or what they do until the end.

Now, you can hear the keys to connecting with Nobel laureates, Olympic athletes, and heads of industry from the man behind it all, Jon Levy.

This episode is packed with actionable advice and fascinating stories!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– 3 days at home — why is that an abnormality for Jon these days?!
– How he started in Behavioral Science
– What causes people to connect? To live extraordinary lives?
– How did Jon get into research?
– Perceived risk versus actual peril.
– How do highly influential people spend their time differently than ‘normal people’?
– What is the midbrain dopamine system and how can you trigger it to your benefit?
– Givers, takers, and matchers. How are these people the most successful and which is the most?
– What is The Influencers Dinner?
– What’s consistent about people who live adventurous lives?
– What did Jon learn by showing up in a foreign country with no place to stay, having to convince a stranger to put him up for the night or face sleeping on the street?
– Why did the police grab Jon in the back alleys in Morocco?
– I share a sketchy story from a trip to Mexico that involves an assault rifle and drug dealers.
– Biking in Myanmar to the hot springs turned into a dangerous nighttime situation that then turned into one of the best nights of my trip.
– What kinds of experiences are the best? [Hint: They cost $0]
– What is the IKEA Effect?
– What is a takeaway from the Influencer Dinners?
– What unique things come out of these types of dinners?
– Jon’s final advice.


Jon Levy is a consultant and keynote speaker best known for his work in the fields of Digital Strategy, Influence, and Social Experience.

He describes himself as a “mild-mannered behavior scientist studying Influence and Adventure, author of The 2 am Principle, and in my free time I run The Influencers Dinner & The Salon.”

Impactful Quotes:

  • “It’s important to begin from the context of generosity because everyone wants something from them.”
  • “It’s important to stand out and do something novel.”
  • “It’s not about networking. It’s about community building.”
  • “If it’s not remarkable, it’s not culturally significant.”
  • “If it’s not worth talking about, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it.”
  • “The person you are at the end of an adventure is distinct from the person who started. There has to be a growth experience.”
  • “We are happiest — when we are doing something the requires skill, is slightly outside our skill set, and it isn’t so difficult that we’re failing constantly.”
  • “People are incredibly generous.”
  • “The world is a safer place than we ever give it credit for.”
  • “There’s a very low relationship between living a fun and adventurous life and money.”
  • “Human beings are not rational. And this is really important.”
  • “Incredibly successful people are still in awe of anything that’s not what they do.”
  • “Every adventure follows a predictable 4 stage process that anybody can learn.”
  • “The size of our life is in proportion to how uncomfortable we’re willing to be. SO I wish you all an incredibly comfortable life and all the gifts that come with it.”

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