Episode 206: Fame Is Coming For You with Brandon T. Adams


Fame comes for all of us — if we never quit and always add enough value into the world.

I’m starting to see some big things on my end and wanted to share what happened this past week and how you can do it too in your business, no matter what it is.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Am I starting to see some fame? Yes! Hear some details.
– I’m from a town of 750 people…and now I am getting some big spotlight on what I’m doing. I want to talk about what I’ve learned and how you can do the same.
Put A Shark In Your Tank hit #1 Best-Seller on Amazon!
– What my action-packed last week was all about!
– What did it feel like to see our show on the BIG screen in a real live movie theatre?
– Season 1 was filmed all over the country. Listen to hear which cities.
– Official announcement about another show! Live To Grind with Brandon T. Adams
– New videographer! Gonzi
– How can you improve your chance of being on my show?
– How to get the attention you want and need.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “A few days later we went on a morning show.”
  • “We had people fly in from all over the country.” Even from Germany too!
  • “That was the real surreal moment for me…I saw along all the posters of the movies out a picture of Ambitious Adventures.”
  • “When we showed it — I can’t explain the feeling….”
  • “People said, ‘It entertained me, it inspired me, it motivated me, and also I learned something.’”
  • “People who have the best chance of going on my show are people who go through my accelerator program.”
  • “People look at you differently.”
  • “Greg and I had so many obstacles, but we moved forward and made it happen.”
  • “It will never fall in your lap.”

Mentions from Episode:

Take Action!

  1. Influencer Mastermind Accelerator program – next one starts February 13, 2017.
    *Limited to only 10 people!
  2. Let’s connect: @btadams18 on Snapchat
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