Episode 211: Never Take “No” for An Answer with Andrea Bergin


Want to learn how to get to the 1% in real estate or any business?

The incredible Andrea Bergin goes into detail on the power of persistence, never taking “no” for an answer, and going after your success.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Andrea won my accelerator program!
– How Andrea’s parents influenced her as a child to become an entrepreneur.
– Why Andrea was cold calling real estate agents ads her the magazine before and during the terrible crash (at age 16!)
– Why Andrea never takes “no” for an answer!
– How Andrea went from working in her father’s magazine into real estate.
– What is an ISA?
– The 90-day cycle of business development.
– What if you don’t like selling? Andrea describes options.
– What are the three biggest things in someone’s life and how is a real estate a part of it?
– Why you should interview the potential client.
– When I say, “I can tell why you are in the top 1%!”
– What do people do wrong in real estate?
– How you can look into Section 1031 Exchange and use it for several tax benefits.
– Never let your clients feel lost.
– How to make sure you are the go-to person for all your clients.
– Strategies in today’s day and age to get clients.
– The benefits Andrea saw from using Facebook Live.
– How the principles of Think and Grow Rich impacted Andrea’s goals and progress.
– Andrea’s best advice to get to the top of your game.


Andrea Bergin is a mother, a wife, and a very passionate business owner. She started her career at the early age of 14 working for her parents’ real estate publication. Andrea worked hard starting from the very bottom and in just a few years she was the head of the entire sales department.

At the age of 20, she married her husband Jon and moved with him to Savannah, Georgia for his career in the United States Army. Andrea spent over 6 years in Savannah where she worked tirelessly keeping the balance between her job in property management and the most important job of raising her children.

In 2014 Andrea, her husband, and their two beautiful daughters moved to Vail, Arizona where she sought out and received her real estate license. In her first six months of real estate Andrea was able to sell over 3 million dollars in home sales, far exceeding everyone’s expectations. She closed that year with 5.5 million dollars in home sale and was awarded Rookie of the Year by Keller Williams Southern Arizona.

Now Andrea runs an investment company, a team in Tucson, and teaches families how to build wealth in real estate. She ended 2016 with 8.5 million in sales and is on track to double that in 2017.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “When I was in middle school, my dad created a magazine.”
  • “If you work harder and smarter than your competition, you’ll be much further.”
  • “I got really, really good at closing on the phone.”
  • “I dabbled in other things, but sales is what I really excelled at.”
  • “I’d get like 30 or 40 no’s before I got a yes. But who cares. Keep going!”
  • “It was my time.”
  • “When I moved to Tucson, Arizona, I didn’t know anybody.”
  • “You can sell anywhere.”
  • “Don’t just go in thinking everything is going to come to you. Go get it.”
  • “Once you get that first sale you want more.”
  • “Customer service has to be top of the game.”
  • “I’m always getting some kind of lead.”
  • “Don’t go into it and think it’s going to be easy.”
  • “At the end of the day we’re going to be family.”
  • “I’m becoming the celebrity in my industry.”
  • “Don’t be the victim. That’s easy.”
  • “Take what happened to you and change it to a positive.”
  • “Be the person that makes a difference.”

Mentions in the Episode

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