Episode 212: Sneak Peek at the Future (and My Book) with Brandon T. Adams


Don’t be short-sighted. Play the long-game.

Let’s take a look into the future of what’s coming with increased automation and more as I reveal a sneak peek into my new book coming out soon Live to Grind: The Journey to the Destination.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– When I actually started writing the book I’m coming out with soon.
– Plans to implement the book launch.
– How the book can help you by applying the principles of what I discuss.
– Sneak peek of the book!
– Last week I made a mistake. Hear the big blunder.
– Live to Grind book, Live to Grind T.V. show, Ambitious Adventures T.V., and Young Entrepreneurs Convention conference.
– Big takeaway behind the growing automation.
– Why it is vital to build your personal brand.
– A few of the 16 main powerful tips from the sneak peek chapter.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I’m going to release every chapter…daily, 15 days in a row.”
  • “I’m going to ask for your help when we launch this book to hit best seller. It’s a big thing for me.”
  • “Learn how to connect with anyone, billionaires, celebrities, anyone.”
  • “Where one door closes, another opens.”
  • “Over the next 5 to 10 years everything’s going to change.”
  • “You need to learn how to adapt.”

Mentions from Episode:

Take Action!

  1. Text “Brandon” to 313131 for daily motivating texts
  2. Influencer Mastermind Accelerator program *Exclusive
  3. Let’s connect: @btadams18 on Snapchat
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