Episode 214: Hard Lessons Learned (From Corporate & a Personal Shutdown) with Brandon T. Adams


Not many know about my experience in the corporate world. Or about the time I worked so hard I nearly got myself killed.

Today I share more about those scary times and also about what incredibly important lessons I’ve taken from them that you can apply without going through the same struggle.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Hear about my year and a half stint in corporate.
– The scary story behind my breakdown from working too much.
– How to do the right things to get you where you want to go.
– How to structure your value and experience.
– What most people out there lack that is so important.
– Think about your time and value it more. Work that into what you charge for things.
– How to get influencers’ attention in a way most people don’t.
– Don’t expect something every time you do something.
– Where I will be this week Wednesday through Sunday (hint: Lewis Howes and others have gone through too).

Impactful Quotes:

  • “When I wasn’t working in the corporate world, I was working at the family ice business on the weekends, I was selling real estate at night, and then I was developing arctic stick.”
  • “I worked non-stop…I was actually working the wrong way.”
  • “I was working so much that I basically had a mental breakdown.”
  • “Do something you like doing.”
  • “Don’t get stuck in something that you f*cking hate.”
  • “Man! It is so much fun!”
  • “You need to build up your confidence and charge what you’re worth.”
  • “I value my time more.”
  • “When you start becoming an influencer…so many people reach out to you!”

Mentions from Episode:

Take Action!

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