Episode 22: You Are Who You Surround Yourself With

Take a look around and what do you see? Do you see positivity and successful people that have the same mindset as you or do you see negative people who don’t understand you or support what you do? Who you surround yourself with has a major impact on your life and the success you achieve. There’s an old saying “show me your 5 best friends and I will show you where you will be in 5 years”. You are the average of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. This is exactly why I spend my time with people who are much more successful then me and have already achieved the things I want to achieve in life.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals who are successful in their own area of expertise is exactly what a mastermind group is. Your mastermind is a group of successful people who can all help each other achieve greatness in their life and can support each other through the tough times.

How smart you are or the lack of education is no excuse for not being able to achieve your success. You don’t have to be the smartest person you just need to know the smartest people in the areas that you want to focus on. Again, this is based off of the mastermind group. Thomas Edison, Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, and other successful legends have all had a mastermind group that supported them to the heights of success they have reached in their lifetime.

By no means am I the smartest guy around. My freshman year of college I got a 1.68 GPA my first semester and almost got kicked out of college. Even after that I did whatever I had to do in order to pass classes or accomplish success. I’m not the smartest person, I’m just a guy with determination, and the willpower to work harder then anyone up against me. If I want something I focus on it and do whatever it takes to achieve it. I have figured out how to take control of my mind to achieve any goal I set out for myself.

If you think the people that you hang around with are dragging you down then its time for you to find a new community. I’ve been there and it’s a tough decision to make, but you need to figure out what it is you want in life and who will be there to support you to reach your goals. Negativity kills you and Positivity allows you to prosper, so I suggest you find positive people to surround yourself with.

Choose your friends wisely. You are the average of the 5 people you hang out with. Find others who have already achieved what you want to achieve in life and follow in their footsteps. Make them apart of your mastermind group and you will reach your goals faster then you ever imagined in life. You are who you surround yourself with.

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