Episode 228: What Can You Accomplish in 48 Hours? with Brandon T. Adams


Brandon talks about what he accomplished in just 48 hours.

From working out with Jake Paul, to filming his reality T.V. show Ambitious Adventures, to hosting a conference with hundreds of young entrepreneurs– Brandon shows you how to live to grind!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Brandon hustles to bring big results — and how you can too.
– Highlights from the Young Entrepreneur Convention in Des Moines, Iowa.
– Jake Paul’s first-ever performance as a keynote speaker.
– What has over 2 million views already even though it was only posted 48 hours ago??
– A sneak preview of Brandon’s reality T.V. show Ambitious Adventures.
– Motivational words for what you can do in just 48 hours.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “It’s Live to Grind every single day. We embrace the brand.”
  • “Money attracts money.”
  • “It won’t be perfect. You just gotta keep going.”
  • “I’ve made connections with people. They know I’m the real deal.”
  • “What do you think you can do in 48 hours?”
  • “Challenge yourself.”
  • “Put the right team together and the plan to make it happen.”
  • “When you can find somebody that makes you become better…you can go far.”

Mentions in the Episode

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