Episode 231: Build Business, Demolish Doubt with Derreck Stratton


What if you could create a $50,000 dollar a year business right out of highschool? And quadruple the amount of money made by your college counterparts in just a few years?

Derreck Stratton shares his experience in the construction and demolition industry, detailing how he went from doing $20,000 deals to 1 million dollar deals.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How to use your past experiences to generate transferable skills for future opportunities.
– Lessons learned from the military that can be applied to the business world.
– How Derreck grew his business from the ground up to generate millions in revenue.
– Derreck’s top three steps to build your company from his own experience.
– Advice for others to create a company and scale their business to generate more revenue.
– The importance of building a strong team that you treat like family.
– How your team can help you to face tough losses together.
– Derreck’s plan to help others get into the 1.7 trillion dollar construction industry.
– Derreck’s best advice for any entrepreneur out there looking for success.


Derreck Stratton is a 31-year-old serial entrepreneur who has spent his life in the construction industry. Derreck has founded and co-founded six construction and demolition companies which have generated millions of dollars worth of revenue.  

As an Air Force Veteran who served a tour in Iraq, Derreck attributes his success in the construction industry to his strong sense of duty and service to others, alongside a desire to strengthen the American economy by helping those who wish to build it up.

Despite his zest for business, Derreck’s greatest love is being a father. Derreck is a proud father of three who will be celebrating his 5-year anniversary to his wife Anna this September. Derreck jokes that being a father is much like being an entrepreneur, as you must be a creative problem solver that has an unusually high tolerance for stress and a low requirement of sleep.

Derreck’s most recent business venture includes a Construction Mastermind course that will pave the way for a new generation of business owners in the 1.7 trillion dollar construction industry.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I’ve learned a lot of lessons. And every single one of them the hard way.”
  • “Attention to detail. Service before self. Integrity first.”
  • “You have to be confident in your work.”
  • “Every deal should be treated as if it’s a million dollar deal.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You have to know what you’re doing.”
  • “Cash is king.”
  • “It was a very slow process. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears.”
  • “Be patient. Do good work. Hire help.”
  • “People say you can’t buy time. That’s a lie. You can buy time.”
  • “You need to know where that money is going.”
  • “I run my team like the military. One team, one mission.”
  • “I built my team by having their backs.”
  • “You’ve got to work smart.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “The thing about gambling is that you can’t control the outcome.”
  • “I’d say we are one of the best demolition companies in the state of Iowa.”
  • “Take the step and move forward. Figure it out as you go.”

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