Episode 232: My Best Marketing Tips with Brandon T. Adams


What does it take to get the sales you want in business?  Get expert marketing tips from the man of multiple touchpoints, Brandon T. Adams.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Marketing devices you can use to reach your target audience.
– How Brandon uses marketing in his own business endeavors.
– How content can be used to build trust and credibility.
– How to sign up for Brandon’s daily motivational texts. [Text BRANDON to 313131]
– Why having multiple touchpoints is so important to your marketing plan.
– The importance of using personal reach out to add value.
– The power of video to broadcast your brand.
– Details on Brandon’s branding and influencer academy.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “You’ve got to have multiple touchpoints.”
  • “Podcasting is a great marketing outlet.”
  • “Video is the most powerful thing we have in marketing.”
  • “I plan on just blowing up videos, non-stop. It’s my favorite thing to do.”
  • “It’s putting content out there and continuously building trust with your audience.”
  • “Always be adding value.”
  • “Books build authority.”
  • “Everybody should write a book. And everyone CAN write a book.”
  • “Treat people like a human being. Be willing to help them.”
  • “I’m doing the things that don’t scale to scale.”
  • “Go out and do what you want . . . Have fun.”
  • “It all comes down to the message you create.”
  • “You have to start somewhere.”
  • “You know me. I live to grind.”

Mentions in the Episode

Take Action!

  1. Email me if you are interested in my branding and influencer academy–the first three people that reply will get a free 30-minute phone call with me!
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