Episode 234: Building Key Relationships in Business with Brandon T. Adams


It’s not always about what you know, but WHO you know. Hear how Brandon’s business relationships led to big things, helping him to create a powerhouse new company and brand.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Why building business relationships is so important.
– How putting yourself out there can lead to big opportunities.
– How Accelerant Media Group can help you build your brand.
– A sneak preview of the first episode of Accelerant Magazine.
– How a series of connections led Brandon to meet people like Kevin Harrington and Donald Trump.
– How your business network can expand based on the principle of domino effect.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “It’s all about who you know.”
  • “It baffles me when people make an excuse.”
  • “Most of my success is from the key relationships I have built.”
  • “Accelerant Media Group is a company that can help you stand out in the crowd.”
  • “I have a powerhouse team. We are ready to take on anything.”
  • “It didn’t just happen overnight.”
  • “If I can be in a room for just five minutes with somebody, I will make an impression they will never forget.”
  • “Do you see the domino effect?”
  • “I built up a relationship. I added value.”
  • “Your relationships are everything.”
  • “We collaborated. Two is better than one.”
  • “Take up opportunities when you have the chance.”
  • “It all starts with that one relationship.”
  • “You have to jump on your moment. Seize it. Make it yours.”

Mentions in the Episode

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