Episode 235: The Maddix Media Empire with Caleb and Matt Maddix


How do you make $200,000 by the age of 15? Hear from father-son duo, Caleb and Matt Maddix, as they share their wisdom on work, life, writing, and hustling.

They truly live to grind!

A few highlights from this interview include:
Why Matt did not allow Caleb to play video games as a child.
– Caleb’s favorite story filmed for Facebook, which has generated over 10.7 million views.
– How reading has shaped Caleb’s worldview.
– How to get out of your comfort zone and to things that challenge you.
– Why writing a book is the easiest way to develop expertise.
– An inside look at Caleb and Matt’s publishing company and how they can help you self-publish.
– They talk about self publishing vs traditional publishing and how their company can help you.
– Caleb and Matt’s top three tips to bring you top-level success.


Caleb Maddix is a 15-year old entrepreneur who has been voted one of the top 20 motivational people in the world. Caleb wrote his first book at 12 years old and is the author of six books, including Keys to Success for Kids and How to Have Unstoppable Confidence. Caleb is a prized public speaker who has shared the stage with big names like Tony Robbins and Gary Vaynerchuk. As a social media influencer, Caleb’s videos have been shared more than 10 million times.

Matt Maddix is the proud father of Caleb Maddix. Matt has been a motivation and success coach to Caleb from a very young age, instilling in him the values of a positive mindset coupled with a strong work ethic. Matt is the talk show host of “The Matt & Caleb Show” and “Fuel for Success.” He serves as a consultant and trainer for those who are looking for their own entrepreneurial success. He is the author of the best-selling book Just Juice It.

Maddix Publishing is Caleb and Matt’s most recent business venture. Maddix Publishing gives you insider tools to help you publish your own book, so that you can share your message with the world.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Everything starts with a clear vision.” – Matt Maddix
  • I knew he had to have the right mindset, the right attitude, the right work ethic, the right character. I focused on those four things very strategically.” – Matt Maddix
  • “I was one of the most shy kids you could meet.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “My dad has always pushed me out of my comfort zone.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “You have to be in a positive mindset.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Don’t ever say something about yourself that you don’t want someone else saying about you.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “Produce that futuristic mindset.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “Pressure produces power.” – Matt Maddix
  • “I was big on mental toughness.” – Matt Maddix
  • “You don’t feel your way into action, you act your way into feeling.” – Matt Maddix
  • “Breakdown is breakthrough.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “If it doesn’t scare me, I’m not growing.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Everyone’s goal should be to become an expert.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “A book is the new business card.” – Matt Maddix
  • “You learn most when you teach others.” – Matt Maddix
  • “Start now. Start tonight.” – Matt Maddix
  • “It’s all about action.” – Matt Maddix
  • “Writing a book is the most powerful thing you can do with your brand.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Learn, earn and return.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “It’s impact over income.” – Caleb Maddix
  • “Master a daily process.” – Matt Maddix
  • “Find a way to give and you will have an abundance.” – Matt Maddix

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