Episode 247: From Homeless to Helping Build 7 Figure Funnels with Akbar Sheikh


How did Akbar Sheikh go from homeless to seven-figure funnels? Akbar shows you how anything is possible as he talks sales, funnels, and business success.

Tune in if you want to create KILLER FUNNELS that generate MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in sales!

A few highlights from this interview include:
The challenges of finding fulfilling work that helps you grow as a person.
– Why Akbar decided to sell everything and move to San Francisco to start anew.
– How Akbar scales his small business sales to seven figures.
– How investing in things like a kd5 miner can make a good passive income to supplement investments.
– Why goal-setting and journaling is so important.
– The importance of focusing on your strengths and outsourcing the rest to maximize your time.
– We discussed how courses like the chad kimball google maps course can help you escape the usual 9-5.
– A look at the concept of EPOP: Ethical Principles of Persuasion.
– How to make connections with people and increase your conversion rate.
– What a successful sales format looks like.
– How solutions like Vertify can help grow your business (view their website here).
– Why books can generate so much value if you implement reading towards action.
– The importance of physical and mental health when it comes to running a successful business.
– How an attitude of gratitude can help you to harness your mental power.
– Akbar’s best advice for those looking to have success in business.


Akbar Sheikh started out penniless as he ventured into the world of online marketing, rising to a top 2% earner in the 186 billion dollar industry within only twelve months. Akbar has built several million dollar funnels, as he figured out the steps to scale his business into 7-figures by harnessing the principles of ethical persuasion.

Akbar is the CEO of akbarsheikh.com, where he helps others reach the the two-comma club of million dollar sales. His consulting services offer breakthrough business growth through effective funnels that scale to seven figures and beyond.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I fell in love instantaneously.”
  • “I sold the only thing I had left.”
  • “I am going to give this my absolute all.”
  • “I had no choice but to make it work.”
  • “I went into it with this hardcore mentality.”
  • “Once you get that first sale, it’s addicting.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Entrepreneurs are willing to live a couple years like nobody else.”
  • “Everyday, I do three things to move me forward.”
  • “It’s a numbers game.”
  • “You’re probably worth a lot more than you think.”
  • “I actually think guarantees are outplayed.”
  • “I’m creating a virtual handshake.”
  • “Text is good, audio is great, and video is the best.”
  • “You really are only one funnel away.”
  • “We live in a world where it has never been easier to make money online.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Read every single day.”
  • “Lead a life of abundance where you end up being super grateful for even the simplest of things.”
  • “Remind yourself of the endless favors that have been given to you.”

Mentions in the Episode:

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