Episode 248: Living the American Dream with Brandon T. Adams


What does it mean to live the American Dream?

Brandon reflects on how the American Dream has manifested in his own family, while reminding listeners why it’s so important to keep working towards your goals.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Why persistence is so important to achieving success.
– A look at Brandon’s family history.
– The legacy of the American Dream in Brandon’s family.
– What living on your own terms can look like.
– Why you should always have respect for someone’s life work.
– Why the American Dream doesn’t mean having the most money.
– Lessons Brandon learned from working in the ice business.
– A guest giveaway for Brandon’s Idea to Revenue course.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “Strive to become better and go after your dreams.”
  • “Have the chance to live the American Dream.”
  • “There is so much opportunity out there.”
  • “Just keep going.”
  • “Eventually someone will say yes.”
  • “You have to keep putting yourself out there.”
  • “The most successful people keep going.”
  • “My grandpa was a millionaire at heart.”
  • “I’m living the American Dream.”
  • “It’s about grind and keep going.”
  • “Always respect everyone.”
  • “Never look down upon anyone.”
  • “Be the best at what you do.”
  • “Master your craft. Enjoy life.”

Mentions in the Episode

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