Episode 249: How to Become a Rockstar Entrepreneur in College with Sabah Ali


College student. Podcast host. Best-selling author. Sabah Ali is in the house!!

Sabah reveals how YOU can become a rockstar entrepreneur while in college, while sharing her own success story.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Why releasing yourself from toxic relationships can be so empowering.
– How Sabah went from a college student to PR professional on the Live to Grind team.
– The importance of follow-up in establishing business relationships.
– Key insights from Sabah’s book Enrolling in Confidence.
– How to maximize your potential while in college.
– Why you have to have the right mindset to find your own success.
– Sabah’s best advice for entrepreneurs.


Sabah Ali is a college student at Iowa State University with big things in store for her future. Sabah has a dual focus in Business Management and Apparel Merchandising, with goals to create her own clothing business after graduation.  Sabah has been an integral part of the Live to Grind team, as a public relations consultant, event coordinator, and executive assistant.

Sabah Ali is the co-host and founder of the podcast show Dorm Rooms to Conference Rooms, where she gives business and lifestyle tips while being in college. Most recently, Sabah became an Amazon best-selling author of the book Enrolling in Confidence: How to Live the Lifestyle You Want in College.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “People won’t always remember what you say, but they will remember how you made them feel.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “This is my big opportunity.”
  • “Do your own thing. Don’t follow what everyone else is doing.”
  • “What is it that you want?” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “It’s not because I’m lucky. It’s because I added value.”
  • “One opportunity leads to the next. It’s a domino effect.”
  • “If you want something, you need to keep thinking about it.”
  • “There’s so much more to college than just going to classes.”
  • “You have so much opportunity ahead of you.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You learn along the way.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You have to be comfortable being uncomfortable.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “It’s all about gaining confidence.”
  • “I would always doubt myself and I didn’t even know it.”
  • “Put yourself out there.”
  • “Don’t be afraid to do something different.”

Mentions in the Episode

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