Episode 250: How to Attack HUGE Goals with Brandon T. Adams


How do you hit those HUGE goals?!

Get some tips from the business best, Brandon T. Adams, as he gives you a preview of his next big project.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Details on Brandon’s upcoming project where he will visit 12 cities in 12 months.
– How successful entrepreneurs overcome obstacles to keep moving forward.
– How to break down large goals into smaller and more manageable sized steps.
– Brandon’s search for ambassadors in 12 different cities across the United States.
– Why you should not be afraid to ask for help from those around you.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “There’s a lot to think about.”
  • “Get past it. Keep moving forward.”
  • “Ask for help.”
  • “Nothing happens without a team or support from others.”
  • “Nobody gets to the top by themselves.”
  • “It’s a numbers game.”
  • “Ask the world how to do it.”
  • “Get over your ego. Ask for help.”
  • “Don’t over complicate things.”

Mentions in the Episode:

Take Action!

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  3. Snap me with your ideas and I will snap you back!


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