Episode 253: Breaking into the Music Scene by Fighting Bullying with Mia Rocks


Mia Rocks is a musician doing BIG things at a young age! Hear how Mia has broken into the music scene by taking a strong stand against bullying.

To all those singers and songwriters out there – this episode is for YOU!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Mia went from singing at karaoke joints to producing her own album cover.
– How Mia got strong at the guitar through a regular practice over time.
– Mia’s process for songwriting and why starting with a title is smartest approach.
– The importance of channeling negative feelings into something positive.
– How Mia connects with her listeners through her message.
– The central role of Mia’s father in supporting her career in music.
– Balancing the business side and the creative side of music.
– Mia’s advice for those that want to make it in the music industry.
– A sneak peek at a song from Mia Rock’s debut album.


Mia Rocks is a 15-year-old singer and songwriter who is looking to spark a movement by giving others a voice. Through her music, Mia takes a stance against bullying with her lyrics, rhythms, and commitment to helping others find their place in the world.

Mia performs her eclectic mix of rock, soul, blues, and pop nearly two dozen dates a year across the Washington D.C. area. Mia seeks to spread her message even further as she creates her first debut album. Help Mia fight against bullying by supporting her crowdfunding campaign at miarocks.com!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “It takes ten years to get really good at something.”
  • “I’ve had a lot of people who I’ve worked with.”
  • “I was called a lot of names.”
  • “I don’t need to care what other people think.”
  • “I just need to do what makes me happy.”
  • “What is the upside? Where does the positivity come in?”
  • “I feel like these songs connect with people because they’re so authentic.”
  • “In the deepest part of your soul, you have these emotions. I write about those.”
  • “Negativity never helps anything.”
  • “I want people who are bullied to understand that there is somebody they can talk to.”
  • “There’s so many hours you have to put in.”
  • “Music is a business.”
  • “You have to know the business side of music as well as the creative side.”
  • “Start with the basics.”
  • “If it’s not relatable to you, it won’t be relatable to anyone else.”

Mentions in the Episode:

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