Episode 256: Protecting Your Intellectual Property with Jason Tucker


Can you be sure that your content is safe? IP expert Jason Tucker shares stories of stolen content, coming from his experience in intellectual property rights and enforcement.

Learn how you can keep your content safe. If you are spending time and money to produce content, this show teaches you how to protect it!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Jason moved from child acting to film production, (similar to how others use training like Friends in Film to achieve this).
– How Jason was able to pitch a reality tv show to VH1.
– What Jason does to help companies protect their intellectual property rights.
– What you can do to protect your content and intellectual property.
– Jason’s litigation process to reach settlements in double-digit millions.
– Why all content producers should be conscientious of intellectual property rights.
– Jason’s predictions as to what will happen in the future of content theft.
– How to get a free takedown notice template as a Live to Grind podcast listener!
– Jason’s biggest takeaways from working with content producers.


Jason Tucker is a successful intellectual property management and infringement enforcement expert with over ten years experience. As well as checking out this Roofstock Review on investing in Turnkey Rental Properties, professionals like Jason are people that you could also speak to if you are looking to invest in real estate.
In the past twelve months, he has settled over $100 million in claims for his clients.

Jason got his start as a child actor featured in series like St. Elsewhere, The Jeffersons, and Little House on the Prairie. He also did music licensing for The Cosby Show before later moving into film production, pitching the VH1 American reality documentary Shooting Sizemore.

Ten years ago, Jason created the IP management and enforcement company Battleship Stance after his own frustration with people pirating his content. Jason has been named in USA Today as one of the web’s most innovative and profitable entrepreneurs.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I was always doing something.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I negotiated the best deal ever.” – Jason Tucker
  • “Time is very important.” – Jason Tucker
  • “We all go through stages in life.” – Jason Tucker
  • “You can reinvent yourself over and over again.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I was essentially a gateway to that world.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I saw this opportunity to take technologies that were just coming out.” – Jason Tucker
  • “Now I need to deliver.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I want to make sure that everything coming out of my mouth is true.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I have zero room for error.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I know what’s going to end up happening in the future.” – Jason Tucker
  • “You might as well get in front of it now.” – Jason Tucker
  • “I have no secret sauce.” – Jason Tucker
  • “If you are spending money producing content…you should protect it.” – Jason Tucker
  • “Treat your content like its a major portion of your business.” – Jason Tucker

Mentions in the Episode:

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