Episode 261: How to Connect with Influencers with Brandon T. Adams


How can you connect with influencers all over the world?

Brandon shares his secret to success through the simple strategy of ADDING VALUE!

A few highlights from this episode include:
– What Brandon has learned from the past week.
– The power of building relationships.
– Details on the upcoming Live to Grind event.
– Why attending events is so important.
– A look at the founding members of the Live to Grind event.
– How to value to others to grow your own business.
– Why adding value can help connect you to anyone in the world.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “I like people that act.”
  • “I’m going to tell it how it is.”
  • “You go to events to connect with people and make business deals.”
  • “There’s only so much you can do from your computer.”
  • “I do things that they don’t expect.”
  • “I over deliver.”
  • “I’ll do things that you don’t expect.”
  • “People’s time is valuable.”
  • “When you pay, people pay attention.”
  • “Add value without expecting anything in return.”
  • “Become a value to them and they will listen.”
  • “You have to show that you can add value.”

Mentions in the Episode:

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