Episode 268: The Entrepreneur Mindset to Defeat Death and Overcome any Obstacle with Cherie Aimée


What would you do if you were given a second chance at life?

Cherie shares her powerful story of how she went from a successful programmer to cancer survivor, to flat-lining in the ER, to overcoming a miracle and sharing her message about life across the nation.

Life is too short and she want’s everyone to know that YOU ARE WORTHY!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Cherie shares her early college years and how she became a self-taught successful computer programmer.
– How she first got into the entrepreneur lifestyle.
– Networking before there was the power of social media.
– Cherie tells her story of being diagnosed with cancer and coming back to life.
– The stigma she experienced around her friends.
– How she experienced heaven and what it was like to come back.
– How her mindset on life and entrepreneurship has changed since then.
– Tips on how to stay positive in everything.


Cherie Aimée is a Near-Death Survivor, International Speaker, Forbes Featured Brand Influencer, and #1 Best-Selling Author.

She’s the Founder of Live Big Be Happy and Advisor to organizations, business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs in brand storytelling and influencer marketing.

Cherie has been approached by the History Channel and featured by media outlets Forbes, ABC, Dr. Oz Show, The Morning Show, Thrive Global, and Boss Babe®.

After facing adversities such as cancer, cardiac arrest, and receiving the gift of life through a heart transplant and other treatments (similar to ones that involve a ZOLL AED Plus defibrillator), Cherie is now on a mission to impact 1 billion lives in living a passionate-filled life of no regrets.

Cherie is Brand Influencer for New York-Presbyterian/Columbia Hospital and VIP Partner at Influencive.com.

Watch our interview here!

Impactful Quotes

  • “It’s the fear that’s just blocking you.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I knew I had entrepreneurship in my blood.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “The networking really created my business. – Cherie Aimée
  • “It’s not always the cancer that takes your life.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I thought I was going to die. I felt a lot of shame and I felt like a failure.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I learned a lot during those years that I was sick.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “Why am I surrounded by people that would walk away from me when I was fighting for my life.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “They would get mad at me because I was always a go getter!” – Cherie Aimée
  • “There’s no darker place to be than fighting for your life.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “You just have to live day by day, second by second.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I had to overcome my biggest fear, which was being vulnerable, live on camera.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I’m going to create another miracle besides the miracle that I am still alive.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I want to impact a billion people around this planet.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “I am going to show the world that I am worthy and I’m going to show them, that they are worthy too.” – Cherie Aimée
  • “The world needs you!” – Cherie Aimée

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