Episode 269: Taking her Business to the Next Level with Leah Mandal


Do something that no one else is doing in your market!

Leah Mandal shares the success she has had since completing the Live to Grind Accelerator Program! She saw an opportunity and ran with it! Instead of creating an everyday commercial for her potential clients, she started her own reality show and takes them on a backstage journey of what it’s like to be a real estate agent! She has gained many more clients by also using other platforms similar to the likes of Rate My Agent and others, and plans to grow even more! Perhaps aspiring real estate agents could consider making use of that platform. Additionally, there are resources available to help people get into the real estate industry at websites like courses.com.au (visit site here). Hopefully, that will be useful for those training to become a real estate agent.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Leah shares her success with building a reality show where she records her life as a real estate agent in Tucson, AZ.
– The importance of adding value and entertaining your audience.
– How to get your clients to come back to you.
– How networking can even mean going to parties and socializing with potential clients.
– What Leah is doing daily to rock her business using the BRAND formula.


Leah Mandal, a Tucson native, is forward thinking and skilled real estate professional. She is highly experienced in the art of negotiation and knowledgeable on current lending guidelines. There are many things that make her a successful real estate professional and is someone that many people will look up to. Don’t forget that if you are a real estate agent, or have your own real estate business, then you can look at things like real estate seller leads to help your business become successful, It will take a lot of hard work, but you could potentially become as successful as Leah Mandal, especially if you make use of things like expired listing leads. According to Espresso Agent expired listings “are the most profitable lead generation source in a realtor’s toolkit”.

Always seeking solutions, she is known to seamlessly solve problems in dynamic environments. Staying on top of the market is one of Leah’s top priorities to give her clients the knowledge to make sound decisions.

Watch our interview here!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “The biggest thing was to add value.” – Leah Mandal
  • “I am adding value when I entertain people.” – Leah Mandal
  • “I’m going to do something no one else is doing in my market.” – Leah Mandal
  • “I need to teach my team to produce like me.” – Leah Mandal
  • “Go to the right parties. That’s the best place to find business.” – Leah Mandal
  • “Do what’s going to bring you in the direction of your goal.” – Leah Mandal

Mentions in the Episode:

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