Episode 274: Film, Photography, and Music With Herb Gonzalez


How does being a musician and having an entrepreneurial mindset go hand in hand?

Herb shares his journey through leaving his dream in music and realized how much he still wanted to achieve that dream, whether it was by making music with a free audio editing software or by any other means.

So, he left his stable engineering job and is now successful in filming and photographing some amazing musicians.


A few highlights from this interview include:

– How Herb went from a soccer player, motocross, musician, engineer, and now to videography/photography.
– How he uses his camera to get into opportunities.
– Herb shares tips on getting that great image.
– How you can relate photography, music, and business all into one.
– Herb shares some of the most memorable shoots he has done.


There’s always a moment with or without the lens. Recognizing that moment and getting intimate with it is what draws me to photography. The thrill of documenting my own endeavors and helping others to see theirs makes photography not only a passion but a lifestyle.

It’s the road that pulls me. I am bound to it by the thrill of a well-curated playlist. Suddenly my night isn’t bound by sleep and everything looks like a possibility. I don’t ignore the paths I pass or try to control them, I just follow. By the end of any trip, I find I have a gallery filled with faces, places, and emotions that only the unknown road can procure.

But sure, there are the moments when the road can’t keep me. When that happens? I turn to the city. Orlando bustles with sounds and movements that only a city infused with musicians can, and I’m there. Enthusiastic. Camera in hand.

Watch our whole interview here:

Impactful Quotes

  • “Musicians are entrepreneurs.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “I quit my music dream, for what?” – Herb Gonzalez
  • “Don’t take pictures just to take pictures.” – Herb Gonzalez
  • “Everything has to have a purpose.” – Herb Gonzalez
  • “Once you get the shot, move one.” – Herb Gonzalez
  • “Work on something, finish it, and move on.” – Herb Gonzalez

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