Episode 280: Connecting with the Most Powerful People in the World with David France


Did you know that you can live like a millionaire but not have a million dollars in the bank?

How can that be possible you ask?

Catch David France behind the scenes as he shares his journey of achieving his dreams of being a musician. He may not have millions but he is truly living his American dream!

So, what does your American dream look like? Are you willing to chase your dreams at any cost?

A few highlights from this interview include:
How experiences are always changing your life.
– David shares his passion for building generous communities.
– How David has built connections with some powerful people.
– How David is living like a millionaire but not have a million dollars in the bank.
– The journey it took to follow his dreams even when his parents didn’t think it was a good enough dream.
– David shares the story of how he was able to attend an event that was $50,000 per person event for free!


David France is an active performer, innovative educator, and visionary leader. He is a graduate of the New England Conservatory of Music’s prestigious Sistema Fellows Program. The fellowship trains passionate socially minded musicians to become leaders in the movement to bring “Music for Social Change” programs to the United States.

Mr. France is currently the executive director of Revolution of Hope, a world-class youth orchestra in the underserved Boston neighborhood of Roxbury.

A few other highlights include:

• Top 100 Most Influential Person of Color in Boston and Top 40 Urban Innovator Under 40 in the United States
• International musical performer and innovative educator
• Founder and Executive Director of Revolution of Hope, an arts for social change youth orchestra in Boston
• Featured in Time Magazine, NBC Nightly News, BBC Radio, and has recently spoken at TEDx Wellesley, SXSW in Las Vegas, Harvard, and MIT
• Founder of Ziryab Ventures a think tank for young entrepreneurs
• Producer on the TV show Ambitious Adventures


Watch the full interview here:


Impactful Quotes

  • “When you face your fears it actually opens up more of the world to you.” – David France
  • “Having the freedom to make mistakes is the best environment to grow.” – David France
  • “I saw a way to connect with somebody and I let them talk first.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “When people move to the United States, they don’t move to the United States for their kids to be musicians. They move to this new country for them to move up in the social world. – David France
  • “The main decision was that I was going to follow my dreams and I was going to follow my dreams at any cost.” – David France

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