Episode 287: How to Scale a Business to 6 Figures and Beyond with Brandon T. Adams


Have you been wanting to start a mastermind or a business but feel overwhelmed with all the little details?


Brandon shares how The Accelerator mastermind program first started one year ago. How he started with an idea, listened to feedback, and grew from there! You have to start somewhere and let your audience tell you how to make it better!

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Brandon shares some tips on how to scale a business.
– He shares his experience on how he first started his mastermind program.
– How listening to your client’s feedback will help you grow your business.
– How you don’t have to have all the details figured out first, you can change things at you go.

Impactful Quotes:

  • “When people pay, people pay attention. When people pay big, they really pay attention.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Don’t get so caught up in the details.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Sell it. Tweak it. Scale it.” – Brandon T. Adams – Brandon T. Adams
  • “It’s your duty to charge what you’re worth so you can have more success.” – Brandon T. Adams

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