Episode 289: Building a Tribe in Your Business with Stephen Christopher


Does your business have strong values to build a team that will stick around for the long haul?

Stephen shares his advice on how he grew his tribe in his business and what it takes to have a team that believes in your mission. You can get help from a management service for google my business, and from other resources out there (as being high on those Google rankings will no doubt give a boost), but it takes more than giving them incentives, it’s about giving them value and putting them in an amazing environment. If your business comes from an amazing culture, they will do amazing things!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How to build a lasting community.
– What the scaling process looks like.
– Advice on how to scale in your business.
– How companies like Voltage Control can help yours grow.
– How Stephen uses pure value to grow his business.
– How to build trust in your ideal client.
– Stephen shares his experiences and obstacles of being an entrepreneur.
– How to handle the positive and negative feedback.
– Stephen talks about the mentors he has had throughout his journey.


Pizza, off-roading, podcasting, reading, personal development, contribution, and helping others see their full potential are just a few of his favorite things! Stephen Christopher is an entrepreneur that absolutely loves growing businesses (both his and his clients). He loves studying how things work so he can improve them and kick the competition’s ass.

Stephen is proud of the culture that he and his team have grown at Seequs and the results they have gotten from customers because of it. He believes in working extremely hard every single day and that you have to watch how you spend your minutes because life is short. Each minute deserves to be enjoyed and focused. He also believes that you won’t find another group of people that are as dedicated to the success of your business as the team at Seequs is.

Impactful Quotes

  • “I’m not incentivized by money.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Our ideal clients are on these platforms. Just go find them and talk to them.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “You have to build trust within the brand in order to get somebody to convert.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Prepare for the not so great times.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “That failure was awesome for me. It made me who I am today.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Focus on the client side of things.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Think about where you’re going to be in three years and building for that.” – Stephen Christopher
  • “Know why you’re doing it and know what your strengths are.” – Stephen Christopher

Mentions in the Episode

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