Episode 298: Just Keep Going with Samantha Rossin


Get a behind the scenes look at how Brandon and Samantha built not only their entrepreneurial journey together but also how they grew as a couple!

When you decide to go into the entrepreneur path, It’s always best to have your number one supporter! Samantha shares how her and Brandon first met and the obstacles they both faced while growing their business and finding an identity for themselves.

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Brandon and Samantha share the beginning of their story together.
– How Samantha felt when Brandon asked her to move to Des Moines, Iowa.
– How Samantha got into the fitness industry.
– The struggles they faced in their relationship.
– What they both learned when they had to spend time apart.
– Samantha shares her tips for staying on track with your fitness.
– The difference Samantha sees in Brandon after 4 years.


Samantha’s passion is to inspire other women to take obstacles they have dealt with or are dealing with and use them as fuel to succeed in living a happy and healthy lifestyle. As a recovering drug addict and a victim of domestic violence, she has learned to use her past as reasons to own her life and dream bigger than she could have ever imagined. Samantha is now in control of her life and wants to be the voice for those women who are in the shoes that she has once lived in. Nobody can do it alone, which is why there are places like The Holistic Sanctuary (https://www.theholisticsanctuary.com/rehab-centers/drug/luxury/) which provide treatment and support for these women. There are many different treatments that these sancturies might offer, however, they are all there to help and support people who are struggling with a drug addict, they will use things like a 12 panel urine drug test to help keep on top of what people are (or not) taking and this is one way that they can help people get to a better place in their life. Samantha wants to help women realize that they are ENOUGH.

Impactful Quotes

  • “I tracked my food for the beginning of this year and it made me realize how much I was overeating.” – Samantha Rossin
  • “You have to communicate in a relationship in order for it to work..” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Just know what you’re worth.” – Samantha Rossin
  • “If you just keep going and add value to others, you’ll get that value added back to you.” – Samantha Rossin
  • “Find someone that will support you and make you better.” – Brandon T. Adams

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