Episode 299: How to Make The Influencer List in 2018 with Brandon T. Adams


Have you ever wanted to become a top influencer in your industry? What are you doing to make that happen?

Brandon shares his tips on how to influence others and become well known in your industry. It’s all about giving people value and building the right relationships!

Social media engagement is one of the most important aspects of being an influencer and this inevitably involves growing a sizeable following. For example, one platform that has soared in popularity in recent months is TikTok.

In case you were not aware, TikTok is a social video app that allows users to share short videos. The app features stickers, filters, and augmented reality and it was also the fourth most downloaded app in the world in 2018 beating Instagram and Snapchat.

On platforms like TikTok, if you want to reach a wide audience, it is vital that your content gets as many views as possible. Consequently, you can learn more about how to get Tiktok views almost for free as well as plenty of other useful TikTok marketing strategies by doing some research online.

Similarly, on platforms such as Instagram, building an engaged following is crucial. People might want to use things like an Instagram bot for help with this.

A few highlights from this episode include:
– How to get featured in big outlets and become an influencer.
– The best way to market yourself.
– Getting to know the people in your industry.
– How to influence others and get them to know who you are!

Impactful Quotes:

  • “You have to show the world what you do.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Become the best at marketing yourself.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Do something worth talking about.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Become a person of value!” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “Relationships are the most vital things on your journey.” – Brandon T. Adams

Mentions in the Episode

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