Episode 300: Candice Michelle and Dr. KenGee Tag Team the Entrepreneurship Life


Are you going through life on cruise control?

Candice Michelle and Dr. KenGee share the story of how they made their dreams become a reality but it wasn’t without some hard work! Now, together with their family, they’ve taken on the entrepreneur world together! Nothing can stop this power couple!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Candice shares the story of how she met KenGee and knew he was it!
– KenGee shares how he first became a chiropractor and how he worked his way through the qualifications doing the job he enjoys.
– What Candice was doing before she got her big break and how she used the opportunity to better herself.
– Candice shares what the audition for GoDaddy was like.
– How the opportunity to be in WWE came about.
– How KenGee started his chiropractic business after gaining the necessary experience in other practices..
– How KenGee took advantage of the Remington Medical’s massage table selection in order to provide the best possible services for his patients.
– What the wrestling life was like for Candice.
– KenGee talks about what the Good Roll is all about and what their next steps with it are.


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Dr. KenGee Ehrlich is a highly-experienced master chiropractor who embraces a wellness approach, values treating the whole person, and uses diverse chiropractic techniques, exercise, and nutrition to help patients maintain optimal health and find relief from pain. He welcomes patients of all ages at his peaceful and family-friendly office in Los Angeles, CA, where they can obtain first-class chiropractic and rehabilitative therapy.

Candice Michelle wasn’t just another pretty face. A native of Milwaukee, the beautiful brunette moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 to pursue a career in show business. After finding some success in modeling and acting, the stunner applied for the 2004 WWE Diva Search. While she didn’t win the competition, Candice was quickly signed to the Raw roster.

Impactful Quotes

  • “Everyone has pain but what is that pain preventing you from doing, and that’s what I provide for people.” – Dr. KenGee Ehrlich
  • “When you stop growing, you just stop living.” – Candice Michelle
  • “When you’re cruising, you’re losing.” – Dr. KenGee Ehrlich
  • “You have to live it. Love it and become it.” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You don’t retire from something you love.” – Dr. KenGee Ehrlich
  • “Nothing feels better for us than serving and giving.” – Candice Michelle
  • “I love my little bubble of love and if you want that, you have to give it!” – Candice Michelle

Mentions in the Episode

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