Episode 306: Creating Video with Greg Rollett



Have you always wanted to create a show but not sure where to start?

Greg Rollett his tips and tricks on how to get started and become successful! It’s not about creating a video just to create one. You are creating video to attract that future client! It’s to draw others back to your product!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– How Greg first got into video.
– Greg shares his advice on how to get started with video.
– How being consistent is how others can find you!
– Greg shares how Ambitious Adventures got on Entrepreneur.
– How creating video content should always lead the customer to the sale!


Greg Rollett is a Best-Selling Author and Marketing Expert who works with experts, authors, and entrepreneurs all over the world. He utilizes the power of new media, direct response, and personality-driven marketing to attract more clients and to create more freedom in the businesses and lives of his clients. After creating a successful string of his own educational products and businesses, Greg began helping others in the production and marketing of their own products and services.

Greg has written for Mashable, Fast Company, Inc.com, the Huffington Post, AOL, AMEX’s Open Forum and others, and continues to share his message helping experts and entrepreneurs grow their business through marketing.

Impactful Quotes

  • “The way to get people to know who you are the fastest is to see you!” – Greg Rollett
  • “By using video, It brings the right people into my life.” – Greg Rollett
  • “No one knew who I was and I wanted to get people to know who I was.” – Greg Rollett
  • “It’s not about doing one great video once. It’s about consistently doing it again and again.” – Greg Rollett
  • “The more things you put out into the universe, the more opportunities for these things to happen.” – Greg Rollett
  • “Stop waiting for permission!” – Greg Rollett


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