Episode 317: Filming TV Shows and Launching ShipChain with Brandon T. Adams


Are you creating video content?

Filming begins for Success in The City this week! Brandon shares how the idea of traveling throughout the country first came to mind. He also shares more about video content and where he first started with just a simple camera. You don’t have to have all the works to create video content in the beginning. You just have to start somewhere. So, today, will you be creating a Facebook live for your audience?

A few highlights from this episode include:
– Filming begins for Success in The City!
– How to get started with creating video content.
– Brandon challenges you to create your first video content!
– How Brandon works with his team to be successful in everything he does.
– What is ShipChain?

Impactful Quotes:

  • “We started somewhere!” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “If you have a business, you better be creating video content!” – Brandon T. Adams
  • “You can’t do it all yourself.” – Brandon T. Adams

Mentions in the Episode

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