Episode 326: How to Raise Over $100 Million in Capital and Build a Massive Brand in Record Time with John James


He raised over $100 Million in Capital!

Our guest, John James created his first eCommerce business in his college dorm and was able to pay his way through medical school with the proceeds! This venture eventually led him to create many more businesses that he ended up selling for over $100 million! Brandon and John talk many things about e-commerce and how to succeed in the business. As well as what John has done with his investments in bitcoin!

A few highlights from this interview include:
–  John shares his journey through e-commerce business while he was in medical school.
– The process of how he raised millions in a short amount of time.
–  How John built a massive brand audience in just months.
– What John looks for when investing on brands.
– John talks about what he is up to present day and his new business, Engine Commerce.
– Brandon and John talk about cryptocurrency and blockchain.
– John shares some advice for those who want to get started in eCommerce.


John James is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Engine: a cloud-based eCommerce platform focused on creating the best experience for both merchants and consumers.

A serial e-commerce entrepreneur, John started his first e-commerce business in his college dorm room in 1994 and financed his medical school education with the proceeds. Since then, he has built and sold multiple businesses including Acumen Brands: a company that raised $100 million in venture capital as it grew to dominate the country wear market in the late 2000’s.

After selling the majority of Acumen Brands, John worked to build the Arkansas startup ecosystem. His startup studio, Hayseed Ventures, incubated a dozen e-commerce companies including Engine, Menguin (acquired for $25 million) and Apptegy (raised $5.7 million Series A.)

Impactful Quotes

  • “It was just about being authentic, going out and telling our story.” – John James
  • “We want to be the biggest e-commerce platform on the planet.” -John James
  • “Good companies are bought, not sold.” – John James
  • “You’ve got to start with a great product.” – John James

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