Episode 328: How to Be EPIC in Life and Fitness with Fabian Aquino


Are you living the most EPIC life?

On today’s episode, Brandon chats with Fabian Aquino who shares his journey into the entrepreneur life and how his “eventually” turned into a “NOW”! He finally took the leap and created his own personal fitness program and couldn’t be any happier. Fabian is now living his life on his own terms and encourages YOU to do the same!

A few highlights from this interview include:
– Fabian shares his story of leaving his job and starting his entrepreneurial journey.
– When he first got into personal training at Orangetheory.
– How he encouraged his clients to believe in themselves.
– How we should always set goals throughout our whole life.
– How Fabian transitioned from working full time to working on his own.
– He also shares some tips on how to be successful in whatever you do.


Fabian’s purpose is to build his clients up into the very best version of themselves both physically and mentally. His fitness program, EPIC is designed with time and simplicity in mind. Time is our most valuable asset, and our use of it determines our future. Therefore, he has designed EPIC to be a shorter workout that will challenge you more physically and mentally than an hour of your day.

Impactful Quotes

  • “I’m a success because I believe I’m a success.” – Fabian Aquino
  • “You never know when your chance is going to come. Just be prepared.” – Fabian Aquino
  • “You can create your own self but you gotta  put in some sweat and I like that.” – Fabian Aquino
  • “I live for that Ah-Ha moment in my clients!” – Fabian Aquino
  • “What you’ve done is believable now accept that you did it.” – Fabian Aquino
  • “We are not supposed to be this one-time success. I’m looking for longevity.” – Fabian Aquino

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