Episode 33: Achieving Celebrity Status in Your Business

The Power of being a celebrity can have a huge impact on your business. If people see you as a celebrity or superstar they are much more likely to buy things that you have to offer. It’s all how your image and brand is portrayed. This is exactly why I always emphasize on the power of investing in yourself and your brand. Everything that I make goes back into my brand. At the end of the day you could lose everything, but you still have your name.



In this show Clint Arthur shows you how to become a celebrity and use it to 10X your Income! He shows you that anyone can become a celebrity if they learn how to get on TV. Clint has been seen on 64 local and national TV shows and talk shows across America, including the Today Show. He is also the #1 Best Selling Author of “Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV”.

Have you dreamt about becoming a celebrity someday? If so then this is the show for you. Clint will show you how to become a celebrity and use it to launch your business to the greatest heights possible. To achieve a celebrity lifestyle outside of work, take a look at Luxury Real Estate to see how your home could transform your life.

Questions I Ask

  • How do you get booked on TV for Free?
  • What advice do you give to people to be able to speak in public?
  • What techniques do you use to build brand awareness with your book and what do you do to make it a #1 Best Seller?
  • What have you learned from the top crowdfunders in the business that you have interviewed, including the Pebble Watch Campaign?
  • If you had 1 year to live what would you do with your life to make an impact on this world?

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Topics we Discuss

  • His story as a cab driver and what made him make a huge change in his life
  • What you need to say to a Producer to get booked on Live TV
  • How Clint Got Booked on NBC New York (You will love how he did this!)
  • We talk about Clint’s course “Celebrity Launch Pad”, which teaches you how to get on TV and be GREAT on TV
  • We discuss what Clint has done to sell over a Million dollars worth of Info Products last year

Quotes from Clint

“Celebrity is Marketing, and it’s the most important thing an Entrepreneur can do”

“You need to be Somebody Special”

ClintArthur_THUMBNAIL_IMAGEIf you want to become a celebrity and learn how to get on Live TV for Free, then I highly suggest you check out Clint’s Celebrity Launch Pad course on his website at www.clintarthur.tv . You can also find all of his best selling books there as well.

Clint will exclusively offer his book “Kickstarter Superstars Success Secrets and Strategies Revealed” to anyone who purchases my Course “Lightbulb to Launch” by going to www.brandontadams.com/clintarthur and purchasing my 4 week course on product development and crowdfunding. This course will show you how to turn your idea into the next Millionaire Product on the market.



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